After a good deal of soul searching and exploring business models – I was still scratching my head. I left the large studio system to be independent for a reason; I am not a cog. To work for one client or one brand would be great for one year, but day-in-and-day-out would run me down. And more-of-the-same without a shake-up seemed like requesting death by a thousand paper cuts – from a corporate newsletter. Through the years I’d looked for a like-minded business partner, but everyone was either just as fiercely independent, or handled clients in a different manner than I did. Nothing seemed to fit.

Then, in a conversation with a friend, I was struck by the idea of a traveling office. A large architecture firm in town had laid-off tens of employees and was now looking to rent space. I always envied the way they would critique each others’ work – I would often walk through their office on business and see 20 people reviewing a large public project. It made me want to jump right in. I always envisioned that, with my own studio moving into a space like that, we could bring a fresh perspective to the collective creative process. (Plus, I wouldn’t be responsible for making sure there was enough toilet paper in the bathrooms.)

With that in mind, the idea of shrinking the office and moving every month or so seemed like the right kind of challenge. Technology makes it possible – laptops and cell phones are the new tools. Wolken Communica is now equal parts virtual and viable and, as far as I know, the only business like it of its kind.

What exactly is this business model?

We are a design firm that travels from office-to-office for one to two months before moving to the next. We are not freelancers! We execute our work like most studios, just without the binds of maintaining a studio. Technology makes this possible. (So does the economy.)  Many of our clients – our possible hosts – have extra desks. Many are looking to rent out space. Everyone is looking for a solution, and we evolved to fill that need. While we are at a location, we want to mix it up with our host as much as possible. In lieu of rent, we execute that marketing piece that the business just couldn’t seem to be able to execute – or afford. We want the creative spark of working with new people and we want to provide that spark for them. We look forward to moving to each new environment. For adventure along the way, we will occasionally work for a day or two from a space that will shock our systems. Like a meat freezer. Or Microsoft.