Sometimes I ask myself if I’m running from the responsibilities of many employees and monthly bills – or running to a new vision of the workplace. Either way I’m happy to be doing less paperwork. I hate paperwork. It is the devil’s work. It is worse. It is the opposite of why I went into design in the first place.

Fortunately, my longtime employee/friend/collaborator Ryan felt the same wind of change. He was ready to move. He easily found a job at another firm with whom we’ve collaborated over the years. 

In order to shrink the office, we stopped coding in-house. The worst days of my entire career are easy to remember: they were the days I had to let an employee go. I had one of those days. (Things worked out and he got a new job right away.) Now we work on our Websites with outside coders, opening up our possibilities. In a way even though there are less bodies under the moniker, we can do even more.

I took the last remaining employee, Justin, to lunch and laid out the plan – as it was. Fortunately, he is as adventurous as I am and was ready to embrace the open road. The two of us would start traveling in a month. From there, the winds of change grew from a gust to a hurricane. It was time to start cleaning out the studio, cancel the billed services, and let our clients know the plan – oh, and find our first stop on the Tour du Seattle. It was time to go full Gypsy.