I live in Seattle, therefore I drink coffee. I can’t help it. Nobody can. There’s a pusher on three corners of each block. When I lived in St. Louis, I had a youthful Midwest addiction to Mountain Dew. I’d drink it in the morning like most drink their coffee, but then I moved to Seattle and joined the fun. Now I drink coffee. I’d like to think I’ve grown up a little.

I don’t drink the double latte, triple shot variety. I’m an everyman cup ’o joe kind of guy – uh, except that I prefer decaf. I like the feeling of a warm drink in my hand any time of day, and because this is so, decaf became required..

Peet’s Coffee is perfect for me. They brew decaf every day, all day long. If there isn’t any ready, they brew more and it’s often complimentary. Back in the Queen Anne office, I would always brew coffee in the morning, and again in the afternoon, or take a short walk down to Peet’s to clear my brain.

But here’s where the trouble starts. Hovie doesn’t have a way to brew coffee in the office. No kitchen, or even its baby sister, a kitchenette. And to match Hovie’s inadequacy, Ballard doesn’t have a Peet’s.

Our coffee budget has skyrocketed.

After trying the local establishments to find a suitable alternative, I haven’t found even a moderate replacement other than Tully’s, which has (a somewhat) acceptable decaf. Starbucks brews its coffee too weak and the other more artisan local coffee shops have no decaf at all – and to compensate, they try to force an Americano down your throat.

This is something I didn’t foresee in Seattle. St. Louis, maybe. This is a problem I’ll have to address in our next office-to-office desk trip. Where and how the hell am I going to get my fix? (You think caffeine addictions are bad? Consider a decaf addiction!) Will I have to add a coffee maker to the back of the Studio Gypsies scooter? Sharper Image, please answer my prayers!