No longer having a conference room is having unintended consequences.

I feel awkward having to meet at our host’s office, and it’s not something I intend to start. It is Hovie’s place of business, and I’m just borrowing a slice of it. (I’d borrow more to wash down that slice, but he still doesn’t have a coffee maker!) Therefore with the exception of a single meeting, we’ve been meeting clients in coffee shops, bars and restaurants.

With all the additional business crap that comes with moving the firm, I also haven’t had much time for any sort of exercise. There are a lot of benefits: I’m getting to see a lot more of the city, and I’m meeting some real characters. But when you consider the additional muffin here, another beer and extra meal there … well, I’m going to turn into and overgorged mastodon in a matter of months.

Note to self: Start drinking water with a twist of lemon, and order a salad every once in a while. (Or start hitting the heavy bag and join the alligator mud wrestling league.)

Photo- The often visited Cafe Vérité and Cupcake Royale