Ballard’s been fun, but it is time to bid it adieu.

The design winds have started to blow, and they are blowing us East. Not far, but far enough: Wallingford. (At least we think it’s Wallingford – maybe a Wallingford with a touch of Fremont.) But no matter. East.

But before we get into that, we had a pit stop to make.

Between each stay at a location, we plan to spend a day in someplace completely different for us. A place where we’ve never worked before – or in some places, swore to never work again, due to surly management. This move contained the first of these planned pit stops and we chose to spend it with other like minded souls at Office Nomads on Capitol Hill.

Office Nomads is a haven for those dying to get out of the house, in need of some human contact. People who can’t down another coffee just to maintain their spot in the coffee house, or those who need the focus that only a desk can give you. (Imagine that!) Office Nomads provides desk rentals at a monthly rate, part of world co-working movement. They contacted us and offered a days rest from our weary travels. We are happy we took them up on the offer.

Everyone seemed genuinely happy to be there. Part commune and part creative office, it’s got a warm and fuzzy vibe. (Or maybe a furry vibe, given the three dogs hanging out there.) We got a lot of design completed and we were happy to see a complete set of new faces. Our only issues were not heavy ones. Parking was un-cool – but, hey, that’s Capitol Hill right? And it’s really easy to get caught up in a lively conversation; I had to jam on my headphones a number of times because I’m prone to losing focus when people talk around me. Amazingly, others didn’t seem to have this issue; I was definitely in the minority with my cans on my ears. All in all, we totally dig what they’re doing, if we’re ever in need of space, I guarantee they’ll be on our list.

We topped off our day on Capitol Hill with our friends John and Seth over at Graypants. (Amazing how doors open when you’re holding a six-pack.) Even though I’m not sure what kind of design they don’t do, I dig their stuff. You should always keep one eye out for them because you’ll see them featured in some magazine, doing a spot for Apple, flying across the country for adventure, or just plain-ol’ being Young Cool Dudes. (I should know: I wanted to be one once.) Tip o’ the hat boys – if I wore one. And watch out: you might wake up one day and find the Gypsies camping in your HUGE library.

But now we’ve parked outside the graphic design firm Electric Pen in Wallingford/Fremont. Wallingmont. Freford. FreWalfordmont. Whatever. The point is, just like Office Nomads, they contacted us from this travel log, and they’ve been foolish enough to invite us in from the freezing Seattle winter rain. And we’re happy to be had – I just hope they know what they’ve gotten themselves into.