The actual moving of the office is actually not that intensive. This is because we do have a top-secret Bat Cave where we can build mock-ups and hold our larger printers, project samples, library and more. Where? We can’t say. But the point is, we don’t like spending time there – it kinda smells – plus, we’d rather talk to real people. What we need day-to-day can pack-up easily, be stuffed in the caravan and be moved to our next destination (without porters) in a grand total of a half hour. We’re working on making it even easier – you never know when you have to move at moment’s notice due to flood, plague or some other skulduggery.

Here’s a list of the basic things we carry:
(Items we keep stashed in the caravan do not count towards this list)
• Portable small color printer
• Laptops (we carry these everywhere)
• Ipad and phones
• Pantone color books
• Two large monitors we plug our laptops into
• Wad of paper and a couple of manila folders to (blech!) create job records
• Bunch of cords
• Three-day supply of hardtack
• Headphones
• Your Complete “Office in a Box™”

The last item is the purpose of writing to you today. We need your help. We are working on perfecting the portable office in a simple handheld suitcase-type of doohickey. We think we’ve got the basics covered, but we’re likely – no, we’re POSITIVE – there’s a thing or two we are forgetting … because we still have two spaces in our case. So in short, we’re looking for guidance.

It’s the age-old “If you were stuck in a deserted office park and you could only take two things…,” what office supplies can you NOT live without? Breath mints? Hand-held fan? Keychain collection from suppliers? We need some indispensable items to really jazz this thing up a bit. Please add your comments below…

Here’s what we’ve got so far:
• Band-aids / Advil
• Paper clips
• 5-hour Energy
• Empty Mountain Dew bottle (for undisclosed purposes)
• Scissors and stapler
…blah, blah, blah, the usual boring stuff…

When we’re done we’ll market the hell out of it, and sell it at Target for their new “Teen Business” section. If we use your idea we’ll mail you a signed glossy headshot and drop it in the mailbox just before we move to Barbados, where we’ll begin a second (?!) career singing traveling songs on the beach, accompanied by “Squeaky,” Our Friendly Furry Accordion.

Say “hi” Squeaky.