Before we leave Electric Pen there was one matter of business that needs to be tended to. The office is great – as offices go – but it’s not so great as a hangout. We Gypsies like a little of both.

At Electric Pen there was what seemed to be an obvious opportunity: the giant, and often unused, worktable at the center of the room. In any bar or rec room, that would be a pool table. But we didn’t think that could be pulled off. So we set our sites on another fine sport.

So we did what Gypsies do best: redecorate with a bunch of shit that we’ve found all over the place. I happened to have a net and paddles that was picked up at a garage sale. At home, we regularly turn our dining-room table into a ping-pong championship court, and now it was time for Electric Pen to feel the paddle.

One night, Justin and I snuck-in our materials, cracked a couple of beers, and gave the worktable a workout. A cutting board is not as hard a surface ad you might like, but it seemed worthy.

A few days later, when we were working late and had a few spare moments before the next round of a project, we unleashed our plan. John, the proprietor of Electric Pen, was out schmoozing it up with a client. So we brought out the paddles, and we played while the cat was away. Then we left the net up for John when he would return later that night.

We’d left our mark, a little anarchy.

Then a funny thing happened: John loved it. So much so, he took to the idea like John McEnroe takes to a disputable call. Within days, Electric Pen scrapped our net and paddles, and installed a bona fide ping-pong table. A major bonus in our eyes – for everyone.

So, we stand ready for the doubles tournament. Electric pen – get ready for the paddling of your life.

Another fine example of how the Gypsies are spreading the love all around Seattle.