Sometimes it’s best to go out incognito. Occasionally it’s better to go to a client meeting unrecognized.

We look at the travel log not only as a document of how we go about our work, but also as a “Best Practices” document for those who may want to start mobilizing their offices. We’re Gypsies, but we’re serious Gypsies. And serious Gypsies know that people occasionally need to go unrecognized in certain parts of town. I realize this seriously impacts my ability to go stealth, but it’s for you my internet friends and fellow gypsies, we are a service provider after all.

Even if you don’t need the under-cover aspects facial hair provides, think of the potential clients. Barbasol, Rollie Fingers, Aqua Velva!

On that front, we have today’s entry: Facial Hair Adaptation Techniques.

This is not done in the name of beauty; this is about historical preservation. We aren’t going to add cute names, or note which celeb is wearing which style. So we’ll stick with the simple number system, just like you would at any good barbershop.

“I’d like the ‘#3’, Earl.” And Earl sets you up. Simple.