Ah, eclectic Fremont, self-proclaimed center of everything. And now that the Gypsies are here, it might just be. The Wolken Communica office was just across the Fremont Bridge for 10 years before we fled, so in many ways we’re now trompin’ around in our old stompin’ grounds.

Peet’s Coffee has been host over the years to about 100 of my office meetings with clients – and about a bazillion of my coffee jonzes – and it is once again the hub of our activities in the area. I’m again taking meetings here because Pixelube is not a McMansion – and it shouldn’t be! It’s more of a shack you encounter in the back woods by the side of a pond and you’re a little nervous to open the door that’s ajar, even though you’re confident there’s no one around for miles. Vince’s place is perfect, an old small gas station for boats at the tippy end of the dock, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As a matter of fact, I think Vince should start wearing a gas station type uniform wear around the office – especially for meetings.

Fremont takes pride in its eccentricities – the Solstice Parade and its attendant nudie bikers set the tone for Fremont. Well, it sets the tone of old Fremont. The new one has set it’s own tone with Adobe, Getty and Google killing off the Buckaroo tavern.

Fremont still has its iconic troll under the Aurora Bridge, a must-stop. But even that was maligned by some old yahoo who suggested Fremont should get rid of it. I’m certain he’d be beaten back with a stick, but that’s progress for you. I love the troll and I love the Lenin statue even more. “Waiting for the Interurban” is kinda boring, but if it is good enough for Lloyd Dobler, I guess it is worth something. (I guess.)

There aren’t quite as many bars and restaurants as Ballard. But that’s cool – we don’t need a strip of those in every neighborhood do we? Having a Peet’s and the Fremont Brewing Company is good enough. I’ve been able to sign up for a couple of weeks of Bikram Yoga, which is good for anyone, especially when it acts as a counterbalance to the evening meetings at the brewery next door.

Fremont is fun, but in no way our new home – we’ve got some ambling to do. After all, we’re not looking to set down roots, we’re looking for a dare-to-be-great situation, whatever that means.

Per our usual here’s our version of the neighborhood watch program – a list of places we’ve checked out since arriving:


Fremont Brewing Co. (3)
Red Door
Ro-Ro BBQ (3)
9 Million in Unmarked Bills

Solisto (6)
Peet’s Coffee (like 54)
The Gypsy Café
Caffe Ladro