It was hard to extract ourselves from lake life with Pixelube, but it had to be done. We would have been sent out by Vince eventually, and better to leave on a good note. The caravan almost became a dingy as we loaded up, but that’s only because we forgot to put the bricks behind the wheels. We’re on the lookout for a new caravan anyway, so if you see anything worthy, please mail a photo in.

Our new residence for the next few months is SODO. Our friends at Graypants just moved from their teeny-tiny Capitol Hill spot to a cavernous warehouse in SODO. While they decided what to do with the space, we told them we’d help fill it out, just like how Justin fills-out his muscle-T. We moved in so early that we had to remind them that they didn’t have a coffee maker*. Is that any way to host? Sheesh.

Graypants is a design studio that is architecturally trained, so I guess they architecturally train stuff. They also make “Scrap lights” out of corrugated cardboard – oh, and they’ve just added a line of chairs. I’m thinking they don’t know when to stop. Their creativity might run out in a couple of years – and then where will they be? Probably living cardboard houses drawing on the walls.

Anyway, we’re moving from the gas-house on lake union to SODO (SOuth of DOwntown). From bars, coffee shops and restaurants to big box stores, semi-trucks and stadiums. We’re anticipating a bit of culture shock in the long dark shadow of the Starbucks HQ. On the bright side, my bike ride is going to be along the waterfront, which is something that I’ve always thought would be cool. (No, I don’t bike for pleasure.)

Our first few days here have proved to be interesting. First of all, we don’t have coffee, and that sucks. Second, the building owner is tearing off the roof for a new one, which is bringing the sweet song of the pneumatic hammer into the space — plus the crap falling from the ceiling. Of course, Jon and Seth took off to Amsterdam for ten days before this started, I think they knew more than they were letting on. So it’s a rough start – but the place is awesome – killing it on the warehouse vibe.

Observation number one: The place smells like burning cardboard, since they are constantly making their lights with the laser cutter in the corner. Observation number two: This place is right next door to a funky little club that brings in a new flock of punk/hip-hop/metal kids nightly. Let me tell you, youth counter-culture is thriving in Seattle. Observation number three: these guys are younger than me, I’m feeling like an old fart standing next to them.

So, this place should work just fine. Even the caravan fits right in at the loading docks. We might just leave it out back for mid-day naps and extra storage for lights and chairs while we’re here.

* Note to self: Remind Hovie that he still doesn’t have a coffee maker.

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