As fun as Graypants is, our mantra is “Keep on Truckin.’” So we’re off again.

SODO has been good to us, though. We actually found a way to benefit from the large corporate system by eating at the food carts that Starbucks brings in everyday. We also almost got a home theater system out of the back of a dude’s truck – but our offer was way too low. What goes down amongst the docks is amazing. Fernando, who works at Graypants, almost got more than us: he was offered sweet love in the back of a van that was driving some lovely ladies around. It was nice of that man to give those girls a ride … I think.

I’ve never had reason to really think about SODO. Up to this point it’s Costco, Home Depot, Starbucks and a couple of stadiums – none of which are aimed at a singular human experience. Hell, the letters on the signs of those places are bigger than the average human. But along the way we found little businesses tucked here and there, and it was a lot of fun seeing the young peeps show up nightly to Studio 7 for whatever concert they were there for. Hip-hop to hard core, they all seemed to show.

As tradition has it, we made it to the usual lunch spots and beer taps, including the Schooner Exact tasting room, which kept our office growler active. We hit the Georgetown Brewery, Hooverville, Smartypants, Pecos Pit and Jones BBQ and more.

SODO gets cooler the more you scratch the surface. Apparently our neighbors already know this – the neighborhood kids, at least, who are ready to rock-out. The adults? They’re just here to buy the new wax ring for their toilet…or sweet loving I suppose.