The idea of having a studio that moves around has always required a social component. With each new office we meet a grab bag of new people – it’s one of the most exciting elements of the studio. As our time was winding down at Graypants, we wanted to reach out. After all, their warehouse space just begs to have people fill it. (Side note: That said, some of my favorite moments here was when I was the first one in, and the only person there. I was out of scale; so much space with only one tiny human.) All that said, we knew filling the place full of friends and creatives would be amazing.

So we proposed a party. And Seth and Jon immediately agreed. We even added a charity component by selecting one of our clients, “Safe Crossings,” and they chose another organization that helps kids – called “Coyote.” We even held a silent auction for a couple of the Graypants scraplights. A real party that could even do some good!

We wanted to something even more interesting, so we added one more trick: We asked people to bring cardboard. We then gassed up their laser cutter to make the classic “Eames Style” cards with notches in them. We aimed to make a stackable-card sculpture. Everyone there was involved in making a one–night-only structure in the heart of the space. It constantly evolved, crashed, and then was rebuilt throughout the evening – an experiment of free will vs. free form.

The party was great, although we severely lacked in our philanthropic ideals. We were only able to get about $100 per charity. Although the party part comes naturally, we’ll have to improve on our abilities to raise money for others.

WANT TO SEE SOME PICTURES? John From gaypants took these awesome picks at the party.

We know the world doesn’t revolve around us (although it should) and we want to make sure we can keep reaching out to the communities we are having so much fun visiting. Maybe next time we’ll auction off 7-minutes behind a curtain with a Gypsy (or something of equal high value – if there is such a thing).

Alas, the party was our last day at Graypants studio. It was a blast going out with a bang – rather than sneaking out under the cover of darkness. And as far as I know, the boys don’t even miss that thing we brought with us! Shhh!