We’re about as far from an international agency as you can get. Given that, it makes sense for us to sample one or two on our travels. I’ve been running a small studio for over ten years, so it has been even longer than that since I worked in that environment. So, when one of my friends, Sunshine, introduced me online to Carrie, at Frog, I thought it would be a great pit-stop between longer stays.

The thing about Frog is … uh, they’re like a large-scale version of us. They can let go of the office like we have. They have offices worldwide. But they take their name to heart and many employees hop from office-to-office as their skills are required on projects around the world.

We were given two desks from people who were out (like many seemed to be), and we tried to assimilate as fast as possible. Frankly, with so much musical chairs going on, I’m not certain many of them even knew we weren’t part of the company.

Like some places we visit, we signed an NDA on the way in, so we can’t tell you about the stuff we saw on our short visit. We only stayed for three days, and we feel like we’d need to be there longer to get a real mouthful of Frog flavor. But it was fun seeing everybody dressed up and mix things up with some international spice. I’ve always been curious how my career would have ended up if I veered that way rather than the boutique agency track – who knows, maybe I’d be a globe trotter without kids and dressing to impress. Reminder to self: Spend a beer pondering that later.

On our last day at Frog we launched a new website for the Berger Partnership and they insured a spot on our top client list by bringing us a whisky cake to celebrate. It tasted good, needless to say. But since there is only two of us and we did need to get home before dawn, we decided to share our spoils at Frog’s daily 4:00 coffee and snack mix-it-up – possibly one of my most wise decisions to date.

We may not have met everyone at Frog, but we did leave them with a taste of the gypsy way – problem is, they may not remember it in the morning.