As Gypsies we haven’t been entirely true to our ethos: We’ve paid for space in far too many locations along the way. We’ve taken to changing that with our newest host. We are shacking up for the first time with an existing client.

SiteWorkshop is an outstanding landscape architecture firm. And we’ve moved into their digs in Post Alley.

We’re trading work for space – and we’re excitedly mixing it up with their creative team. Only good can come of this.

There are other things to be excited about, as well. My bike commute just got even shorter, and we’re in the heart of Seattle’s tourist district at Pike Place Market. Some people might shy away from it, but our uncanny Gypsy feelers notice the excitement emanating from the streets every time one or three of those Mega Cruise Boats disgorge their travelers at the docks. The buskers go ballistic, the street fills with funny American accents. (Justin and I had lunch next to some choice Jersey ladies one day, as the daughter revealed her love for Ecstasy to her mom and her mom’s friends.) And don’t forget the original Starbucks has a 30-person line out the door for some reason.

The tourist label aptly describes our own activities, too. We visit new places and move along to the next – gawking, taking pictures and learning about the local customs. We’d probably buy T-shirts if they were available!

So cheers to SiteWorkshop. Thanks for allowing us to chill here for the next couple of months. We’re stoked to mix it up. We’re even more stoked that you have a quality coffee machine and tons of shop options surrounding you. This could be a match made in heaven.