It’s been a full month since the last post. And now, I’d like to bring you back to regularly scheduled programming. I hope you missed us.

I can say that we’ve been super busy – which wouldn’t be a lie. Justin and I have been pumping work out non-stop. After all, we may be Gypsies, but we are a design firm first. And that means clients come first – but you all know that. Clients: we love ’em. We love you. And without you, we lose the ability to be who we are as a studio. (Even when this studio behaves like a couch-surfing friend!)

But that is no excuse for the radio silence. As we all know, there is time for what you MAKE time for, and entries in the travel log took a back seat. I’ve been asleep at the social media wheel and I’ve been shit at writing entries – apologies to our fans around the world, all seven of them – but what else do you expect from a set of good looking rag-tag guys with commitment issues?

Complicating issues: I thought the studio camera blew up, as well. Had to get that fixed – turns out it was mostly operator error. (The camera was fine.) Still, they should really make those better.

Wait, more excuses: Now that I think of it, I’m also coaching two unruly youth soccer teams. That’s an even better excuse, because it makes me look like a sound member of society, even if I am ruining all 23 kids’ dreams of ever becoming a quality soccer player.

Regardless, blogging is hard damned work. When we started this process and took on the blog/travel-log format, I knew what we were getting into. I’ve told a ton of clients not to start a blog unless they truly commit to it, otherwise it will ultimately hurt their brand. A stale blog is a dead blog. If it’s going to work, it needs to be updated regularly with something of interest.

(Excuse me. I’m pausing for a moment of reflection.)

I’m back.

In the last month, I definitely failed at the updating of this blog. Moreover, I sometimes wonder if anything I write is of interest. It can be hard to commit to what is needed to make a blog successful – and even harder to live up to that commitment. There are a thousand things to do, and sometimes creating a post can feel like you’re talking into the empty reaches of outer space.

OK. I’m done with that downer.

Since the last post, we’ve done a bit of traveling. Justin performed a killer set at the Decibel Festival, in addition to doing the killer graphics for it. I managed to squeeze in a trip down to Zion National Park with some buds to hike the Virgin River narrows. I added a slice of Vegas into the mix – just for some trouble. After returning, we strapped on our killer designer uniforms and refueled our nitrous tanks on the Studio Gypsy jet-packs. Since then, we’ve designed twice as fast ¬– even pulling some G’s on when asked for non-awesome solutions.

I’m stoked now that the fuel rods are glowing again. It is time to capitalize on the energy and kill it over and over again. I won’t promise the radio silence will never happen again, but if it does, heads will roll – even though it will likely be my own.