I spent hours and days in high school and college making the perfect mix tape for the hottest unattainable girls and best friends – not to mention the self motivational get your ass moving mixes that got me through the long nights spent on college design projects. I still pull a few out today when I want to wax nostalgic.

I’m also a big fan of Kickstarter and dream of one day putting my own project out there for the masses to help fund. Thanks to fellow blogger Swiss Miss for putting this worthy project on our radar. A big fan of the tape we’re excited to see it’s revival and I’d watch a movie on the medium in a heartbeat, Luckily Zack and Seth are trying to get theirs off the ground. Please follow us and give this project the dollars it needs – time is running out and I really want to watch what they’re brewing.

Watch their video on their Kickstarter page and decide for yourself.

Cheers – keep on Rockin’ – the Gypsies.