You know what they say: If you’re not good enough to go to heaven, but haven’t killed a member of your family, then you get sent to limbo. That land of nothing special, where everything is smooth jazz and boxer-briefs. We Seattleites call it Bellevue.

Well, the Gypsies have been in a similar place for the last two weeks. We thought we were moving out of the Agnes Underground and going straight to another location on Capitol Hill. We even bought a couple of growlers from Elysian and shared them with all our desk mates for a final happy hour in anticipating of our departure. Turns out that’s not the case. Instead, we’ve spent the last two weeks working from our houses – which has given us both hives, inferiority complexes and uber-vacuumed carpets.

Turns out that we’ve hit our first hiccup. To this point we’ve been lucky and the transitions have been easy – maybe an hour in process at best, and that includes figuring out where we parked the caravan. Two weeks has been an eternity.

Our new possible spot has decided to play it straight with their landlord and let them know that we’re “subletting” space from them. This has led to approvals and contracts and more approvals. The whole thing tastes very anti-gypsy. We’re not sub-letting! We’re shacking up! We’re hanging out! We’re chillin’!

This is starting to make me feel all corporate and legit. And it gives me the heebeegeebees.

We are used to, at most, signing a non-disclosure agreement. Then, they hand us a key. (One even went on vacation the next day.) Not that I’d say you should do that will just any gypsy – and we’re totally trustworthy, we need to be in the space until were done, frankly it’s our exit you need to worry about, Justin likes to acquire souvenirs.

So we’re currently floating. We are both working out of our houses. I haven’t seen Justin in two weeks. He might be thankful for that, but I kinda miss his ugly mug. I miss our early morning rituals, his stinky lunches, his carpet breath, the afternoon “Time for beer?” question….

It’s been weird. No, it’s sucked. Lesson learned: From now forward, don’t go early, stay a little longer, take your Cialis.