We’ve got our gear laid out at the Substantial, thanks to the fine crew here. It was a job getting in; Everything has been by the book and, typically, we’re used to a little more relaxed in-and-out process. The red tape that was required made me a little queasy about this whole moving around gig. Truthfully, it sucked being stuck in between locations for two weeks (see previous post – LIMBO) and I want to avoid that from happening again if I can.

But were here now. Chillin’ at the S-C-E-N-E, overlooking the soccer filed at Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill. That doesn’t help my productivity, I constantly see people playing soccer out the windows and I feel the magnetic field pulling me towards the touch line. Good thing it’s usually raining, which provides a little something to prevent me from ditching the penny loafers and strapping on the cleats. The funny thing is: When the sun does shine, the turf looks like a hipster killing field. The poor kids can only get half-way across the field before they stop to lay in the sun, lounging for hours on end, or until the baseball team kicks them off … never liked baseball players.

So what’s Substantial like? Happy you asked. Imagine a cool-hip-modern Web firm – what would that look like? Great, now I don’t have to show you any pictures of this place, because it’s already been implanted in your brain.

Chair after chair of sweet Macs? Check., Exposed wood and concrete with white walls? Check. Bank of floor-to-ceiling windows wrapped around the entire place? Check. Full bar and lounge seating? Double check. Sweet-ass DJ station taunting you in the face as you enter? Wait … maybe your imagination wasn’t as awesome as their reality. Yup, they can break it down into a full-on dance club in seconds, it’ll just take a little bit of wax and Grandmaster Flash behind the block of spruce the tables are set on. (Although, that’s yet to happen since we’ve been here … so when’s the spectacle?!– I’m tempted to throw on my copy of Bananarama with Fun Boy 3 and show you kids how to ROCK!)

Speaking of kids, I swear I’m the oldest guy in the room – and the room holds a lot of folks. Not that I’m bitter or anything, they definitely know what they’re doing. But I can’t help but feel like they’re playing code firm and I’m the dad making sure they don’t hurt themselves. I’m certain they see me as the old stick-in-the-mud – if they regard me at all.

But Substantial handles bigger contracts than my studio has ever had, so this is one of those times where I can sit back, breath it in, and be open to learning a thing or two. (Even if it is from a bunch of punks that I would expect to find sitting on my couch playing Xbox when I got home.) Move over boys! I know a thing or two – I’m still the Galaga high-score holder at Jimmy’s Arcade back in Missouri. Suck on that!

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