I was asked by ARCADE – the magazine that covers the Northwest design world better than anyone else I know – to contribute an article to their latest issue. The theme was right up my alley: Design Practice Now: Less.

In our case, less means no office and creating what we’ve dubbed the Gypsy lifestyle. By that we mean, we move our office location to a new space every two months or so. I was honored to contribute to such a great magazine.

Apparently the article rubbed more than one person the wrong way. We received a note that read something along the lines of: “the term ‘Gypsy’ is a bit offensive in the article/context.” The note also said multiple people felt the same way after reading the piece.

I may be blind, or oblivious, or just naive. But I just don’t see it.

If anything, I’m saying we love the concept of moving around, In my opinion, this is a pretty common reference – people worldwide associate an itinerant lifestyle with the Gypsy lifestyle. We want to be gypsies by this definition – as a matter of fact we ask others to join us on the adventure. Is using the term “nomad” just as offensive? In this context, they’re synonymous to me.

In short, I’d love your opinion – I want to learn. Please read the article and drop us a comment below. Have we crossed some line? Did we offend you?

Here’s the article ::: Please read the article here and let us know your thoughts: