I would have to say that this years 2nd Annual holiday dance party was by far our best party yet. Our partners Graypants and Urban Artworks were outstanding collaborators we truly love those guys. – Oh and of course our photographer and video display god Patrick Richardson Wright who helped make the back of “Daddy’s Van” a crazy make-out photo booth for all.

These parties were born out of true collaboration between us and Graypants, we’re always looking for ways to collaborate and throwing a party seems like a really good way to do it. No client rules, new concepts every time and a deadline driven project that’s going to happen once you’ve told everyone about it even, if you ignore it.

We’ve also been super lucky to hook in Kathleen from Urban Artworks who brings the same desire to go BIG and GLITZY. Not only does she keep things organized she brings the great volunteers who are necessary to pull off a party like this. – AND to top it off she brings in Urban Artworks who we can’t support enough and this year we raised $4,000 for them!

The other guy that makes these parties the event people talk about for weeks is Patrick Richardson Wright. Patrick’s ability to throw images and video around a room are unrivaled and he totally ran with the photo booth van even admitting he was glad he wasn’t in the initial concept meeting of that because he likely would have said no. As it turned out, his photos were once again the hit of the party, tip o’ the hat to you Patrick, can’t wait for the next one.

DJ RES and Nicki Danger brought POP to the dance floor all night and we had at least 500 people stream through.
Special Thanks to our contributors:
2bar spirits
Gilbert Cellars
Vitamin Water
Patrick Richardson Wright

Want to see proof? Follow any of these links and behold the fantastical glitter ball of fun:


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pass: balls

pass: glitterballs

Next year can’t come soon enough.