Justin Byrnes has always been a creative person. Inspired by his mother who is an illustrator, Justin has been constantly doodling since he was a young child. Later, he became focused on drawing and painting. His interest in music was growing, too. Eventually needing to create his own promotional materials, starting with cassette demos and posters for his band, Justin unintentionally entered the world of graphic design. 

Moving to Seattle from Spokane in 1998, Justin put down his guitar and began producing experimental electronic music using his synthesizers and computer. Since then, he has been building a reputation as an electronic musician. Justin continued to design his self-promotional materials and it wasn’t long before he started getting approached by other promoters and musicians to make posters and flyers for their events.

With a suggestion from a friend, Justin enrolled in the graphic design program at SCCC. In 2007, he finished at the top of his class with several student awards under his belt. He hit the street looking for a job, and it wasn’t long before he landed an interview at Wolken Communica. He has worked at WC for the last few years handling diverse client needs; ranging from logo development to GUI design for iPhones.