One of the biggest auditory boosts is the improvement to sound staging, which helps bring out each unique instrument in the mix. Before you go upgrading your headphones way beyond your price range, try adding an inexpensive DAC/amp combo to your sound setup and see if you can't find a sound you like at a price you're comfortable with. It is easy to write off this wireless DAC because of the inherent limitations of wireless audio. Yes, in fact all Arctis headsets are compatible with the GameDAC and will receive a boost to sound quality when connected to it thanks to the GameDAC’s high fidelity audio components. Either way, you certainly can’t deny that Schiit offers one of the best values in entry-level audiophile equipment, namely their Modi 3 DAC. The brushed aluminum case of the Modi 3 is elegantly designed, and matches the “strictly business” front plate with a small selector button and LED display to show which of its three inputs are selected. A DAC amp combo is a significant upgrade from most integrated sound cards, and there is no shortage of fantastic values in the sub $300 price range.

Not only does it provide a more clear and accurate sound but it also employs binaural rendering to recreate 7.1 virtual surround sound. There is a 3.5 mm microphone input and a 3.5 mm line-out as well. In either case, it is important to remember that because of this transparency, high-quality files sound better, and low-quality files sound worse. This DAC has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 7 hours on one charge and it supposed small enough to take with you for portable listening. With a 112dB signal-to-noise ratio and only 0.0001% THD (total harmonic distortion), neither noise nor distortion will come between you and your favorite tracks, which ring through accurately and with a new clarity. New features and a revamped dashboard enabled higher levels of personalization and spurred a 50% increase in site registration, a 200% increase in site traffic and a 300% rise in online sales of Guitar Hero products. Their Fulla 3 is both a DAC and a headphone amplifier in one compact package and for the same price as either the Modi 3 or the Magni 3 on their own. Keep things simple by checking out our picks for the best DAC/amp combos under $300. The sound that you get from FiiO E10K doesn’t quite stack up against pricier options like the Pro-Ject Audio Head Box DS or the JDS Labs O2+ODAC but it will still likely beat out the sound card in your PC or laptop. 10% off your next purchase for new subscribers.

The audiophile community absolutely reveres the so-called “Schiit Stack” as one of the best DAC amp combos under $300.

The Head Box S2 has three digital inputs, an asynchronous USB B port, an S/PDIF port, and a Toslink optical port.