For the defence of the ‘mountain fortress’, forty to sixty thousand people are really enough, but this is clearly not enough for the organisation of mobile defence. “We don’t want to fight here with them anymore. As someone who is well aware of all forms of assistance taking place, I assure you that there is a lot of aid coming from Russia. The other direction in which we are working is through gathering humanitarian aid and sending it to Armenia. His only allies now are the mountains and the weather. Tigran, a 28-year-old taxi driver who has lived his whole life in Moscow and has only visited Armenia once, said he hoped to get more information on how he could join in the clashes, as he felt his “nation needed him.”. He explained, “Armenians from over 70 countries participated in this fundraiser. But we are experiencing a humanitarian crisis. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. Ani Mejlumyan Oct 16, 2020. Putin’s foreign policy has been to establish a presence in foreign countries to disrupt or influence without a coherent strategy for an actual end. 2,170 Visits as of 2020-10-04 by Google Analytics. A large group of men gathered in front of the Armenian Embassy in central Moscow on Tuesday morning, some dressed in expensive suits, others in track pants. “Sometimes even primitive methods of protection in the mountains are very effective. “The list does not provide a full picture of how much money was gathered from each country. At that point, Putin was “emphasis[ing] the urgent need for a ceasefire.” Putin then delegated the talking to the Foreign Ministry. You will know more after the war. People were sending anything they could think of. In Moscow Korotchenko responded: “For the last year Armenia has lost its contacts with Russia in the military sphere, so it is hard to say anything about [the Krasukha]. There are many doctors who have come and are coming to Armenia to help people injured during the war and fighting COVID-19.”, The executive director of the Hayastan All Armenian Fund, Haykak Arshamyan, said that at least half a million people donated money to the fund. We need funds, and we ask that everyone continue to show their support to the Motherland since this is an issue of our survival.”, Upon the observation that there is concern about problems arising when humanitarian aid is brought from customs, Zareh Sinanyan said, “There is such a problem, but there are many layers to this problem. Based on analysis of these purchases, Armenia and the NKR could have built a model of military tactics that Baku was preparing to use, and organize counteraction to it. By Saturday, October 24, the defense of the Armenian forces in the southern sector of the front was hanging by a thread and could have been destroyed with disastrous consequences for Armenia. Materials published under the heading "Business" are promotional. The curt press release in Moscow indicated that Shoigu had spoken of “stabilisation”; that was a warning to the Turks not to escalate their presence on the battlefield, either with their Syrian proxies or with Turkish military personnel. In the new situation, it was necessary to hold the plains zone of the security belt by other measures and methods. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has spoken several times by telephone with the Armenian Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan, and their Azerbaijani counterpart, Jeyhun Bayramov. At any rate, we are interested in this just as much as the confronting sides ‘on the ground’ are.”. “There are simply not enough air defense systems in the NKR, and there are very, very many UAVs in Azerbaijan. There was no agreement, however, and in the intervening fortnight the Armenians have continued to lose ground. Especially about regaining the territory lost in the past month. Armenia’s Anti-Russians Get Their Comeuppance – Defeat Analysed in Moscow as Due to Strategic Failure in Yerevan. In a rare instance of unity, prominent Armenian entrepreneur Sergey Sarkisov and his Azerbaijani counterpart God Nisanov said they would pay to replace food stalls destroyed in the skirmishes. All this was accompanied by internal anti-Russian rhetoric, multiplied by national arrogance. “During the period of Nikol Pashinyan’s premiership,” Vzglyad reported the Russian General Staff assessment on Tuesday, “three intelligence chiefs were replaced, and one of them had no competence and was a purely political appointee from the West. Unrest in Armenia reflects a renewed sense of outrage over Russia’s arrogance towards this small, landlocked country. He said, “I am not only referring to people going to fight. The second big mistake of the Armenians was to present obsolete, fixed-point and insufficient numbers of air defence units, adequate against a manned airforce attack from the Azeri side, but “useless” against Israeli and Turkish drones.