Even though last year’s Hyperallergic report received considerable international media coverage, an Azerbaijani diplomat told the Los Angeles Times that those monuments never existed and called the investigation “a figment of Armenia’s imagination.”. Where Does Protest Art Fit in the “Canon” of Contemporary Art? The Republic of Artsakh and her people are under attack. They reported: The revelation that her husband consulted for an Azeri company might prove awkward for Mitrev’s wife, Irina Bokova, who is the director general of Unesco. What would those be, exactly? Ghessen has also been documenting stories on his Instagram.

A Christian believes in biblical values not in Babylonian “human rights”.

Recently it also banned international journalists from entry to cover the conflict, igniting a warning to media from the Committee to Protect Journalists. The Fascinating World of Neanderthal Aesthetics, Have an Informed Opinion About Art? I doubt that the Azeris really like the idea of whom Erdogan is bringing into this since these are mostly Sunni mercenaries, but they have little to say about it. So if you expect Israel to endanger those Jews just to take a stand that will change nothing, you are simply unfair.

COVID-19 Sniffing Dogs 100% Accurate, Why Aren’t We Using Them? Claiming there will only be peace when Armenians leave Nagorno-Karabakh frames the attacks as ethnic cleansing; this along with Erdogan’s statement in July that Turkey would fulfill the mission of its grandfathers in the Caucasus is a harrowing threat. The drones are watching them. According to what I read here and there, you are 100% correct. Both Turkey and Israel are Azerbaijan’s closest military partners. “This is his first conventional war. where do we draw the line? Is there a jewish fear of losing the ” unique selling proposition” ( excuse the advertising lingo, no sarcasm intended) of being the most persecuted people in history? Very disappointing to see Israel supporting and supplying the Azeri jihad against Armenia, nonetheless…, Armenia has no access to the sea, and is surrounded by Turkey to the West, Azerbaijan to the East, Iran to the South, and Georgia to the North…. Armenia, with a population of 3 million is alone in fighting more than 90 million people committed to the genocide of Armenians. Your email address will not be published. The Azeris could very easily develop demands for autonomy or independence. Turkey’s aggression against Cyprus and Greece in the East Mediterranean, its defense of the Muslim Brotherhood government in Libya, and its drive to occupy large areas of Syria and Iraq, is all intrinsically linked to its ambition of dominating hydrocarbon fields and routes. Thanks Jonathan.

It was put in a plane or a rocket and hits the same hole, chances are it’s a planned-- targeted in my opinion.”, “Morale was high, especially among soldiers. As for the Israelis, you might recall that Obama put the spurs to them not to antagonize Erdogan even after he sent a terrorist ship into Israeli waters. #avalanchelake at beautiful #glaciernationalpark -, Observation car aboard #amtrak #coaststarlight jus, #travel is the spice of life, but there is no plac. Armenia wrongly claims this is a religious conflict, Muslim aggression etc. Each side has their story to tell. Furthermore, Azerbaijan receives $100 million in US military and security aid, while Armenia receives less than $5 million. With an ambition of becoming a Top 10 economy by 2023, it is energy starved and has decided to take an aggressive foreign policy to secure energy at favorable prices, going as far as even trading with the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq for oil.

Many Armenians left Iran once the Ayatollahs took over.

As Armenia stands virtually alone, relying on mostly Soviet and Yugoslav-era weaponry, Azerbaijan enjoys the support of two regional powers, Turkey and Israel. Founded in 2009, Hyperallergic is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. Azerbaijan is headed by dictator Ilham Aliyev, and, like Turkey, imprisons political opponents and journalists. I know you think of yourself as an expert on everything (mostly coming across as an arrogant jerk to be honest). It is a massive game-changer. This implicitly aligns Mr. Biden and Democrats with President Trump with whom they allegedly disagree on issues involving Turkey and Erdogan. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Turkey had to become more directly involved in the unresolved conflict to secure its energy routes from Azerbaijan. It is unmistakable. I suspect you don’t want to argue because you know you are wrong. I can’t help laughing at this. So they are controlling and dominating people by a sound because they know it relates to dropping a bomb,” he described. Russian social networks write “Russia should help Armenia by sending Armenians there, and Azerbaijan – by Azerbaijanis” The U.S. State and Defense Departments as well as Congress should be embarrassed that they have long turned a blind eye to Turkey’s support for terrorists — thereby making a mockery of America’s “Global War on Terror.”. Do some reading. During the war a church and cultural center in Shushi were hit. By the hundreds. Azerbaijan’s 1997–2006 erasure in Nakhichevan also targeted the ancient city of Djulfa, once the world’s largest collection of medieval cross-stones. Locals tell him they are pinning their hope of salvation on Russia, because they say the rest of the world, including the United States, is being indifferent. The people here are fighting for what they believe is their homeland, their own soil that their fathers and forefathers have lived and bled over. He’s seen war before, but he says this war is different. I have my own thoughts on the Cyprus issue which I’ll save for the moment but to say the north is a fascinating place to visit as a land that doesn’t exist–not to mention the awesome castles! In fact, only last week Erdoğan said that “Jerusalem is our city, a city from us,” which surely would have created anger in Israel. As both sides come to the table, I voice my support for a lasting-peace that respects the right of the people of Artsakh for self-determination. I also see the Russian Federation of Putin supplying both sides with enough arms to kill each other. He is disabling the whole region. And a lot of churchgoers and journalists went in, after two hours after it was hit, it was hit again in the same place. Second, I’ve seen picture and videos…Azerbijian is shelling churches and apartment buildings in Stepanakert. The land swapping that occurred then was much more complicated and ultimately benefited Azeris more than Armenians. Last month, the conflict resumed when Azerbaijan unexpectedly attacked Artsakh, asserting international efforts had failed to remove Armenian occupiers from its land and it had no choice but to resort to force. This is not surprising, because Israel, which demands worldwide acknowledgement of the Holocaust, has always refused to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide committed by Turkey from 1915-1923. In the first hours of the war, Kim Kardashian Tweeted her support for breakaway Artsakh: “We are praying for brave men and women risking their lives to protect Artsakh and Armenia. Armenia is in dire straits and it is hoped the US will do something to stop this aggression and call Erdogan to heel. A few things the article didn’t mention, or took out of context: (A) Armenia has NEVER been an ally of Israel’s. An archeological site that was founded in the 1st-century BCE is threatened by the outbreak of violence by Azerbaijan against the Armenian region. In the diaspora, our words have bridged us to countless cultures and people. STEPANAKERT (Armenpress) — The Azerbaijani military has launched a massive cross-border artillery attack on Artsakh, including on civilian settlements.