Just tell them your name, show them how it’s spelled, and tell them how excited you are to have them in your class. of a surprise for me too. If you are using composition notebooks, have card stock cut beforehand. Tell them there might just be a surprise ending to the book, and see if they can figure out what that surprise ending is. . *Procedures: Checking board for directions, drinks/water bottle expectations, Silent Reading/Read to SelfTime needed: 25-30 minutes. what day it is! Required fields are marked *. You’ll use these throughout the first week of school as a “Who am I?” Get to know your classmates team building game. It also gets students moving (in a controlled way), so it also counts as a brain break. Activity Options: If you’re planning to use Go Noodle, now is a good time to do it. COME! I would love to know the name of the book and why or how you read it the first week of school. Probably not, but it’s better to be over prepared than have 20 minutes you have no idea what to do with. Ready to “GLOW” your kids minds and kick off Thanksgiving Break with wide sale starting tomorrow! Click the button below, enter your email, and the first day lesson plans will be sent to your inbox! . The first day is exhausting! While you’re at the carpet, discuss your rewards and consequences with students. couldn't figure out what to do in order to help them? End of the day routineTime needed: 20-30 minutes. Super easy! For ages: 1st & 2nd grade. Favorites work well. So far, all team building has been standing up, sitting down, safe, safe, safe. I religiously read everything Reality Steve posts about all things Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise. the same week as a full moon... YIKES! Yep, I am moving from first grade to kindergarten and it was a bit Tell the kiddos and show how it works. Do you have a throat lozenge? The World According to Humphrey is the cutest Back to School read aloud. Then, all students who have this in common will stand and say “Just like me!” look around, giggle, repeat until all of those little leggies get a stretch. Your email address will not be published. DON’T WADE INTO THE UNKNOWN ALONE SUPER TEACHER. Just hit print and your first day planning is done! The kids are ready for a break. Lots a nice ideas. Rewards and Consequences CHIP chatTime needed: 20-30 minutes. , This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. The first week of school is a time of routines, procedures, expectations, relationship and community building, and sometimes feels like herding about 300 wet … © 2015 • The Primary Peach • All Rights Reserved. Coding in kindergarten seems like an impossible task, but I've found that I’d love to hear them! Resist the urge to make today all about you. *If you found this information helpful, please consider using the affiliate links in this post for your online shopping. receive! However, on the first day tell students that although a 12-piecer is the ultimate goal, right now they just want to try and use as many pieces as they can to create a square or rectangle. Write directions on your board, or have a to do list on your projected onto your screen, Have something on desks for students to do + 2 sharpened pencils on each desk, Have all books you want to read ready and in a practical location (think carpet, mentor text bucket, easel, or where you keep you copies for quick grabbing). Awesome 4th Grade Back to School Read Alouds. Blessing teacher friends is easy with these quick and inexpensive Now go home! Math puzzles have been an awesome attention grabber during our first week back. Read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and talk about a bad day you’ve had at school. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, grab them ready to go at the Super Teacher TpT store HERE. I believe that it truly helps my students form a love for reading and a love for learning. Do you have any must-do activities for the first day of third grade? Proactive management is the name of the game today! We’re going to have fun. OMG! *Procedures: turning in finished work, where to keep unfinished work, The kids have probably figured out that you’re their teacher by now since you’re probably the only adult in the room. The signature game is a good one to get students out of their seats and talking to lots of different classmates, but is still pretty structured and safe. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Keep celebrating, but you do have to come back tomorrow. Here are some must-teach first day procedures: Now that you’ve done the prep work, you’re ready to go. Look no further Super Teacher! If you’re hybrid/F2F, what are you implementing to help make it feel a little more “normal”? Show students the book Chasing Vermeer (this mystery book has a pentomino by name chart and hidden pentominoes on the cover) and then see if students can figure out how the pentominoes are named (spoiler alert: it’s by letters of the alphabet). YEAR . All they really need to do is approach another student and ask a question. *Procedures: listening when the teacher is talking , Basic Needs ChatTime needed: 10-15 minutes. During these first weeks of school it’s pretty much priceless to have a “go to” fast finisher ready on Day 1! This is the first book in a series, so it’s perfect for the beginning of the year. ruffled tail feathers? The looks on their faces while reaching in the bag were priceless! If you are going to have students use writer’s notebooks, show them some of yours, and have them decorate a cover that will be on their first writer’s notebook of the year! If you don’t have a writer’s notebook from previous years, Amelia’s Notebook is a fun book to show as an example of how a writer’s notebook can hold pictures and words together. We’re going to live. Want to save the list for later? Learn More. By this time of day, the kids are hot. Will you have different lines for home/school lunch? You can find this book at the First Days of School Amazon Recommendation list HERE. Have a list of (simple) items to do ready on the board. Bring a Zone Bar/trail mix/Airborne/water and just try to breathe for a few moments until the kiddos come back. If you’re a first year teacher wondering how in the world to fill an entire first day of school, use everything in the plans! Just pin the image below! , *Procedures: Silent reading/Read to self norms, Teambuilding: Around the Room Signature GameTime needed: 30-40 minutes. Greet students and have your lunch count/attendance items ready to go. Check out my AMAZING decorating skills this year!! You can read more about starting writer’s notebooks and other back to school writing activities HERE. students of this age are quite capable. Would you like a printable copy of the first day lesson plans? Get students accustomed to getting right into class, checking the board for directions, and getting started on a task as quickly as possible.