The Defender Association Johanna Jarecki Thought Equity American Drug War follows filmmaker Kevin Booth as he consults with people on all fronts of the war on drugs to create a multidimensional portrait of those impacted most directly, from users and dealers to law enforcement officials and politicians.. Yelena Kirzhner, Music Mixers/Engineers Our special series, Vitality Arts, shows the powerful effect that participating in the arts can have on our minds, bodies and souls. Justin Jones Fledgling Fund. Meg Charlton Christopher St. John, Additional Editing As you vote, the order of the list will be change to see which documentary about drugs comes out on top. It's a rare film that asks if we, as a society, have the courage to try something different, as frightening as that prospect might be. Global Image Works, LLC 7 The War On Kids. Andrew Jarecki Oddball Films Told in the style of Crash or Nashville, the film offers a number of different stories told in parallel, each (eventually) interconnected to each other, and the War on Drugs.   Here’s a preview of the film and a look at six other drug war documentaries that you should see. It’s just bang, bang, bang, bang. Overview: A Brazilian documentary outlining the pitfalls on the US sanctioned war on drugs in Latin America. There are no easy answers, but there are plenty of unanswered questions. © 2020 Independent Television Service (ITVS). Nick Tuttle, Music Production Coordinator This list of the best documentaries about drugs has been ranked by the community and includes popular and recognizable titles, along with a lot of independent films. Persons shown in this film are not necessarily involved in Not a perfect film, but a damn good one. Beyond its human cost at home, the unprecedented violence in Mexico provides a daily reminder of the war’s immense impact abroad, and America has at last begun to take the first meaningful steps toward reform. Remarkably, just three weeks later a Home Office-sponsored report is published, concluding that there is no evidence that tough laws lessen drug use. They suffer from early losses of hearing and eyesight, have high rates of high blood pressure and diabetes and are susceptible to falls.” The answer, of course, is that somewhere, someone is profiting from the current system. Roy Ackerman All rights reserved. Families Against Mandatory Minimums Kathryn Westergaard ABC News VideoSource Portland Hotel Society These opening moments of the BBC Three documentary Addicted: America's... Opioid addiction is the leading public health crisis facing the United States today, and it represents the leading cause of death among people under the age of 50. #84 of 204 The Best Drug Movies of All Time#8 of 31 The Best Action Movies to Watch on Uppers, Actors: Joe Rogan, Ralph Abraham, Joel Bakst, Actors: Ron Paul, Joe Rogan, Ralph Nader, Tommy Chong, Dennis Kucinich, Actors: Curtis Elliott, Anthony Dorsey, Bryant Johnson, Maurice Bradley, Actors: Necia Freeman, Patricia Keiller, Scott Lemley. And while 50 or 55 is hardly old, Ridgeway notes, “people age faster behind bars than they do on the outside.   Health PBS Airs Documentary on the Failed ‘War on Drugs’ The 32-year initiative hasn’t been successful, but it has destroyed millions of lives and contributed to a graying prison crisis READ MORE, The War on Drugs is 32 years old, and it has come with a jaw-dropping price tag. Despite being fought both internationally, and at the Federal, state, and local level, little progress has been made. The CONUS Archive As he takes his argument public, Russell finds his views are challenged by those who say that the public fear that lifting criminalization will also lift drug use. There’s a growing recognition that the drug war the U.S. has been fighting in the last four decades must change. Kyle Wilson, Commissioning Editor for BBC Storyville Nick Fraser Russell sets out to find a Tory politician who can explain the government's thinking. Russel Simmons, Produced by Instead of questioning a campaign of such epic cost and failure, those in public office generally advocate for harsher penalties for drug offenses, lest they be perceived as soft on crime.