ML: Do you think we’re ever going to hear it on the radio again? Benny the Butcher), Public Enemy – State Of The Union (STFU) (Prod. Metallungies Hollers @ Daedelus, Interview. “It’s just hardcore Hip Hop, street anthems. That means [the fans] hear you. It’s just not being listened to by that many people because it’s not being forced down your throat. Take your pick. Only when I’m on stage live is when I flip out, and rightfully so. Guest Appearance: Kool G Rap & Haylie Duff. ML: You were in the Bridge Wars, the most legendary battle ever. A veteran from the Bridge Wars in the mid-‘80s, Blaq Poet has witnessed Hip-Hop’s numerous progressions and transgressions. It was bananas. AT: Where do you think the music industry and hip-hop are heading? Yet given their relationship, Blaq Poet indicates just how important and singular of a song he wanted to make. Listen to DJ Kazzeo - 2019 11 13 (Wednesday Wreck - Blaq Poet & Comet Interview) by DJ_Kazzeo for free. My timing of leaking records is great because I have an outlet such as my weekly radio show that is dedicated to sticking to that script.”. So it’s all about the artist maintaining what they do right now and not taking…10 years to drop an album. Once you put the business ahead of the game, it’s going to take away from your creativity.,, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 12:55. by DJ Premier), Singapore Kane – Dreams and Visions (Prod. !”, Blaq Poet: Nowadays, leaking your track is a form of promotion. What’s unique about working with Premier? The Analo... Video : Thaione Davis - Still Hear - 2020. “N.O.R.E., that’s my dun,” said the Queensbridge emcee. BP: Coming out of Queensbridge, you know, The Mighty SSR, Little Young Boys, Crime Fam, they coming up – there’s whole lot of little dudes coming up, you just gotta check for them real hard. RMC Mike, Lil Yachty, YN Jay, Louie Ray – Flintana, Video. It’s a new song.”, He later added, “I’ve never worked with [an] artist from the west coast, this was the first time. Do your research, and you’re going to find what’s really out there. Screwball General Blaq Poet is onto something with this concept and project! ML: How did people respond to “Who Shot Rudy?”. I want to do some ill shit with N.O.R.E., so I wanted to do some shit called ‘I Fucking Hate You.’ But then, I didn’t really get a chance to lay down the whole shit to N.O.R.E. Something’s Wrong. That was hard writing it, and once it was written, it was even harder laying it down, but we got through it.“Beyond the two initial singles, a number of songs from Tha Blaqprint have previously leaked onto the Internet, appearing on a number of DJ Premier’s mixtapes. Are you sure he didn’t say: “Timbaland, nigga.”? If you’re a Hip Hop nigga, you’re going to spit that shit to it. Copyright © 2005-2014 Metal Lungies | All rights reserved. ML: (back to Blaq Poet) What are you doing next? You want your tracks to get leaked.”Premo: “Hip-hop has ALWAYS based on leaking new shit early. Make sure you typed in your email correctly. Blaq Poet is currently working on an album with producers Stu Bangas from Guns-N-Butter, and Vanderslice to be released on Stu's label Brutal Music. “Young Maylay killed it, shout out to him. I know they know real niggas are going to do real things. The first single off the album is the DJ Premier-produced “Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed.” When the song first appeared on the Internet, it made a significant splash among fans of the Screwball emcee. On the remix version of Ain't Nuttin' Changed, a single from Tha Blaqprint, he collaborated with west coast rappers MC Eiht and Young Maylay. Who knows, maybe country hip-hop is going to be the next big thing, I have no idea, I’m waiting to see, too.”Premo: “With the Internet, we are working on a website that will deliver all of the interesting things that I feel that my audience would love to see and buy, from T-shirts, to mix CD’s, to rare footage that NO ONE HAS, DVD’s,etc. [3] At that time Poet was at least 17 years old, as stated in a 2009 radio interview. Blaq Poet was first heard in the track "Beat You Down" from the Bridge Wars during 1987, a diss song towards KRS-One and Boogie Down Productions. Already in works is a remix of the single, featuring guest verses from California emcees MC Eiht and Young Maylay. The 'Power' mogul had social media in an uproar after he told his millions of IG followers to "vote for Trump," but he's since changed his tune. and gimantalon says “that’s the goddamn truth”. I have been a music junkie since my birth, and I am following in the footsteps of the ones that came before me by making valuable availability of all sorts to the masses and thinking like they think. Timberland, nigga. BP: Last thing I bought? It’s something new. ML: Do you think Tha Blaqprint is your best work? You can check out The HipHopHeads Podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts. Gemcrates came with some fire, so we rolled with that…Gemcrates, he just gave me the beat and I went home with it. That’s who shot Rudy. M.O.P & ... Book : Rare & Unseen Moments Of 90's HipHop Vol.1,... Video : Thorough - Eastern Shuttle - 2020, Old To The New – Ryan Proctor’s Beats, Rhymes & Hip-Hop Nostalgia, Werner Von Wallenrod's Humble , Little Hip-Hop Blog. With Premo and Easy Mo Bee, I was in the studio with them, and we rocked in the studio, vibing for days.”. In 2007, Poet appeared on the track "Victory", on KRS-One and Marley Marl's 2007 album Hip Hop Lives, which was released as proof that The Bridge Wars had ended. ML: You should get Preme to put you on a gutter boom bap remix to a Christina [Aguilera] song. His latest album Tha Blaqprint, dropping June 29 on Year Round Records, provides exactly that blend of street-ready music, boasting production from DJ Premier and Easy Mo Bee [click to read]. Newcomers? I saw it coming and went right back to independence. I wouldn’t go into her style. The character that made me love it was the villain Simon Phoenix. Entries (RSS) I never take that “I am above you” approach and stay humble throughout. “I told Premo [to] make something a little soulful, something with a little bounce to it, something with a R&B hook or something, like how ‘Unbelievable’ was with Biggie. Go look at everything so you can see your choices. The act of genorisity also came with a preview of an unreleased song. ML: Who are your all-time favorite Queens rappers? download dj premier-blaq poet interview hour 1 download dj premier -blaq poet interview hour 2 interview with no music. Blaq Poet was first heard in the track "Beat You Down" from the Bridge Wars during 1987, a diss song towards KRS-One and Boogie Down Productions. I'm Vega and I run TheCrypt/HipHopHeads. been tight since way before he popped off, you know, so it was only a matter of time before we got together for a track like this.”Premo: “N.O.R.E. BP: Working on Screwball material for the next Screwball project and another Poet project. “If they’re not checking for [your leaks], they’re not checking for you. Posted May 28th 2009 at 5:26 pm by gimantalon, DJ Premier’s Top 6 Dead Or Alive Producers, Conway The Machine – Nothin’ Less (Prod. Shit was crazy. Your real fans are going to buy that shit, [not] download it, pay for it. That was the plan, but then Easy Mo [Bee] dropped a bomb, so we had to go with that. It’s just [that] hardcore that [people] ain’t heard in a minute. It shocks the system.”, He then added, “[DJ Premier] wanted to do the whole album from the gate. Yet for him, diversity is exactly what the game and its fans need. I learned different techniques from all of them. The LP consists of 16 savage […] Read More Blaq Poet & The Blaq One Unleash Savage ‘Simon Phoenix’ LP I loved [working with them]. BP: Queens rappers? That was one of my brothers, basically. You’ve got a whole bunch of different [types of] Hip Hop out there. Low-key, businesslike, and perhaps even a little bored, Blaq Poet spoke to Metal Lungies about his career, his musical tastes, and his newest album Tha Blaqprint, which is produced almost entirely by DJ Premier. Just don't expect the joint project to eventually drop. Take you pick man, but don’t be stuck on one of them. The name of the song was originally just going to be “I Fucking Hate You,” and I was thinking about…what kind of a song I could do with N.O.R.E. Despite never having worked with any west coast artists before, Blaq Poet found the experience to be an indication of just how versatile and different Hip-Hop can be. AT: What do you think about the current status of the music industry? Do you think boom bap is making a comeback? Once it started getting big though, and the labels started seeing it happening it became a tool, they saw they could use it to promote your music. On his rainy album release day, Blaq Poet dwarfed the ragtag Fat Beats crowd, which consisted of sun-starved rap nerds, basement producers and rambling old-heads — all in tow to get their CDs signed or just catch a glimpse of a Queens-bred rapper who braved the bridge wars when he was 16. Keron: I don’t know, maybe it- I don’t know. (pulls over Keron, who does the intro on the song) We got a “Who Shot Rudy?” question. I ain’t lookin’ for that, but if I do anything like that I’ll make it my style. It’s all good though because it’s all healthy. [He] was my first cousin, so we were more like brothers than first cousins. I love to hear different flows and different niggas spit, different emcees getting it in. “The first single, you’ve got to make the beat,” noted Poet. ... On his rainy album release day, Blaq Poet dwarfed the ragtag Fat Beats crowd, which consisted of sun-starved rap nerds, basement producers and rambling old-heads — all in tow to get their CDs signed or just catch a glimpse of a Queens-bred rapper who braved the bridge wars when he was 16.