They attribute change resistance to resentment by members of staff. School leaders must play an active role in initiating change and in attempting to reduce resistance to change. 1) Individual Resistance -Selective Perception -Habit -Security in Past -Loss of While not all resistance is bad, a failure to adapt and change in the business world can have disastrous consequences. (resistance to change). What causes Resistance to Change? This article offers (1) a conceptual framework for understanding resistance to organizational change, (2) guidelines for distinguishing between positive and negative resistance, (3) a process for systematically assessing the causes of resistance, and (4) practical suggestions for overcoming resistance. The other cause of resistance to organizational change is provided by Folger & Skarlicki (1995:36) who argue that resistance to organizational change result from the treatment members of staff of an organization receive in the change process. What is Resistance to Change? Strategies for overcoming resistance If new initiatives seem to fizzle out before they get going, and best laid plans go nowhere, these are signs that your team is resisting change. PDF | On Jan 1, 2020, Ahmad Hafizh Damawan and others published Resistance to Change: Causes and Strategies as an Organizational Challenge | Find, read and cite all … These forces may originate in the internal or external environment of the organization or in the behavior of the school leader. Why does Manager resist organizational change? School leaders can think of the current condition in a school Research has shown that about 70% of change in What is Organizational Change & how is it beneficial?