The Chartreux is a large, muscular cat with short, relatively fine-boned limbs, big round paws and extremely fast reflexes. They are large by size and have a stocky, muscular physique, but with short legs. This cat is very similar in appearance to the British Shorthair, and is a very old breed. It is described as being primitive in type - neither cobby nor classic. Welcome to Chanson Bleu Chartreux : where the cute Chartreux live... "chacun a son gout!" Learn about the Chartreux cat including physical and personality traits, history, and living with one at home. Chanson Bleu Chartreux, is a CFA registered boutique cattery which breeds, shows, and sells Chartreux kittens.Chanson Bleu Chartreux is located in the Central Lakes Region of New Hampshire. The breed was granted Championship status in 1987. The Chartreux is a very rare breed of French cats that are primarily characterized by their ‘smiling’ face and blue coats. Disclaimer: The International Cat Association, Inc.® (TICA®) Does Not Endorse any of the breeders, products, or services on this page unless otherwise noted.Please read our Disclaimers.. The Chartreux is sometimes confused with the British Blue Shorthair, as they are quite similar in appearance. The Chartreux is the natural, historic breed of France, known for centuries for its unique coat texture and blue color. References to the blue cats of France appear in literature as early as the 16th century, and the great 18th century naturalists, Linnaeus and Buffon, identified the Chartreux as one of the four known cat breeds of their time. About the Chartreux. The Chartreux finally arrived in the United States in 1970 when the late Helen Gamon of La Jolla, California, brought back a male Chartreux from Madame Bastide in France, a breeder who had pure Chartreux lines. This famous cat was responsible for perpetuating the Chartreux cats in America.