Then secure the 2M screw at the four corners. The power factor of the load can be changed during the programming or from the Smartphone app. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please comment it below. Change the following parameters from the Blynk app.

It has  16 Analog Pins, 40 Digital Pins, 4 Serial ports, and 1 separate I2C port. 1. You may need guidance from experienced guys if you are new to electrical work. But if they don’t, no problem, you can also set inside the code. It became very popular on the internet, lots … So you can monitor the parameters as well as calibrate and modify different settings from your Smartphone via OTA. You can use the values for further processing by adding Arduino Code to the measured values such as recording them using Datalogging Shield, or display them using LCD Display Shield just to name a few. It is compatible with both Android and iPhone. Then secure the screws. majkl. 1. Usually, the mains voltage in my location ( 230V) is almost constant (fluctuation is negligible ). Come grab some at our affiliate link here !!! Though extra sensor can be hooked up by using an ADC like ADS1115, for the time being, I am leaving it. It is expressed in kVAr, Reactive Power = Voltage (V) x Current (I) x sinΦ, It is defined as the product of the Root-Mean-Square (RMS) Voltage and the RMS Current. We need a UART TTL to RS485 converter module. 2020 A blog about DIY solar and arduino projects I assume you have installed the Arduino Software. Any accidental touch may lead to fatal injury or death. Hello, are you still emailing out Auth Tokens? Then secure the screws. Whenever you uploaded the code or whenever the arduino board got its power back on, it will change the address to 0x01. You also cannot reset the Arduino board during measurement. Once code is uploaded completely, you may connect both cable in. You can get it at a very competitive price at our affiliate link here !!! The sensitivity for ACS712 5A module is 185mV/A ,20A module is 100mV/A and 30A module is 66mV/A. Any accidental touch may lead to fatal injury or death. Then route all the wires properly. Luckily there is code to change the device address by sending broadcast command to all. For a successful RS485 communication, you need to send data to correct device address (the meter).

The PZEM 017 energy meter may comes with different rating of shunt, the setting can be set via come-along PC Software (download from above). Interesting, yes great instructions, and big thumbs up! Firstly, thank you very much for the project.Could you explain why we take samples every 2 seconds and read ACS712 every 0.95 seconds? Be safe during working, I will be not responsible for any loss. To the load through the current sensor (ACS712). Just turn off measurement power source and press Reset button again. It took me about 5 hours to print the main body and around 3 hours to print the top lid. 4. You can support us in the following ways : If you like my work, please send me a donation to encourage me to do more. Since this DC Energy Measurement Device uses RS485 communication, we need a converter module that can convert RS485 to Serial communication in order to communicate with Arduino board. The Connection for the current sensor is like below. Create a clone of this Project by scanning the QR code shown above. The AC current passing through the load is sensed by the current sensor module (ACS712) and fed to the analog pin (A0) of the Arduino/Wemos board. What is the sample rate of the system (what is the highest frequency that can be processed)?

The 5V power supply module provides power to the microcontroller (Arduino/Wemos), the Current sensor (ACS712) and OLED display.