The new Ember Mug²: Metallic Collection features three brilliant hues perfect for any occasion.

MCT oils should only be used with utensils and containers made of metal, glass, ceramic, or materials specifically approved for MCT oils. Away from its powered cradle, the Ember quickly runs out of power and heat.


It lets you set the temperature on the mug, and gives you presets for some common drinks including Black Tea (58.5C), Coffee (57C) and Latte (55C). All you have to do is hold your finger on the Ember logo to turn it on. 120°F - 145°F (50°C - 62.5 °C).
Directly behind the Ember logo is a capacitive touch sensor, this is how Ember will know when you are interacting with it. Ember Travel Mug 2 ($179.95) The Travel Mug 2 gets a slight redesign, as well as battery improvements. Could you opt for a vacuum-walled mug or travel tumbler? Be advised that the coaster's mug interface (tiny metal contacts) and its power cord are proprietary.

A quick logo tap activates a small screen of white LEDs.

He established the business because he genuinely believed in the transformative power of temperature control, and saw the potential for innovation in this area. © 2010-2020, LUXURIOUS MAGAZINE®. You can use the control at the bottom to set the temperature you want your drink to be. Instead of pouring a piping hot drink into a paper cup or travel mug, and waiting for it to cool down to a comfortable drinking level, the Ember receptacle will rapidly cool a hot beverage down to the user’s preferred drinking temperature (between 50°C/122°F to 62.5°C/144°F), and will then hold it at that exact level of heat for up to three hours when on the go (depending on the product), or all day long when used with the charging coaster.

The Ember weighs a hefty 1 pound when empty. The Good The Ember Travel Mug precisely controls its beverage temperature. In most respects, it acts exactly like any other travel mug, too. Let's round up Disney's best gems. In almost all respects this is a standard travel mug. Look at the Ember Travel Mug from the outside and it appears to be a standard travel mug.

Touching it for five seconds powers the device on and off.

You may not have heard of Ember, and I certainly hadn’t before a press release arrived in my inbox.

The Ember Travel Mug makes more sense, to me, than the Ember Ceramic Mug, which is designed for indoor use only. According to a press release sent to The Spoon, the Ember Travel Mug 2 and Ember Mug 2 feature longer battery life and a redesigned charging coaster.

You might own one of these universal charging pads already.

In order to set your desired temperature, you pair it with an app on your phone (a quick and painless process). The surface feels comfortable, too, and it also wicks away moisture. We are currently experiencing high order volume and deliveries may be delayed due to COVID-19. ALL EDITORIAL CONTENT AND GRAPHICS ON OUR SITES ARE PROTECTED BY U.K AND U.S.

The Travel Mug 2 gets a slight redesign, as well as battery improvements. Unscrew the top and pour your drink inside.

There's a Goldilocks zone for drinking hot beverages. It's a handful for sure. About a third of the way down its length, the Ember tapers to an even thinner width. Travel mug: Can it charge while actively heating my drink?

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission. The good news is that the Ember actually works. You can also get a notification from the app when your drink has reached your desired temperature, although I found this feature wasn’t that reliable.

The battery life will also vary based on a number of external factors such as: external temperature, liquid temperature at pour, speed of liquid consumption, set temperature, whether the lid is on or off, and much more. There are two separate new second-generation Ember mugs — the Ember Travel Mug and the Ember Mug, designed for home and office use. No! Ember Mug 2 costs $99.95, the 14 oz version costs $129.95, and the Travel Mug 2 is a whopping $179.95.

It has an alluring, distinctive design. The Bad It's outrageously expensive and doesn't hold much liquid. The technology is also working its way into cars, furniture and even home countertops. That's a shame. Bonavita's new Connoisseur coffee maker is one of best deals around.

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Ember’s second generation of products, including the Travel Mug, has been completely re-engineered compared to the first version. Whether you call it an electric mug or battery heated coffee mug, your Ember Travel Mug² allows you to control your ideal temperature from our app. Coffee it held at optimal temperatures had plenty of flavor.

Safe to hand wash. Ember Travel Mug is IPX7 rated and fully submersible up to 1 meter deep. Before we dive deeper into the news, let’s just get this out of the way: these new Ember mugs ain’t cheap.
Your Ember Travel Mug² can be used completely independent of the phone by tapping the 'Ember' logo twice, then the '+' or '-' on the mug to select your temperature.

The mug narrows slightly above where your fingers naturally fall on it, which helps to stabilize your grip.

This tweak is likely what allowed Ember to slim down the design while keeping the internal volume (12 oz) the same, so that it’s a bit more lightweight and travel-friendly than before (while also offering as much as three hours of battery life).

The design of the Ember Travel Mug 2 is top-notch, with a smooth matte surface and hand-friendly design, along with clear, easy to red LED displays that just disappear when not in use. Use the Ember app to set your temperature, customize presets for your favorite drinks, receive notifications when your desired temperature is reached, personalize your mug and more. The re-engineered Ember Travel Mug2 and Ember Mug2  now comes with a battery that lasts up to 50 percent longer, so that your drink will stay hotter for even longer.

Our minimum order quantity for blank or branded product is 24 units. Both add extended battery life, thanks to swapping its old battery technology with “the most advanced battery technology on the market,” and both gain new redesigned charging coasters, while the Travel Mug 2 gets a new control interface for adjusting the temperature of the beverage within, and it’s a bit lighter while holding the same volume.

Select your temperature on the mug or with the Ember app. Easy to clean. In addition, the temperature can be adjusted on the Travel Mug by tapping the plus or minus symbols, and it’s also easier to see the remaining battery life.

Now, the company has launched its Ember Mug 2 — a follow-up that keeps the concept and design intact, but that improves the lineup in some key ways. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. The Ember app will notify you when your beverage has hit the perfect drinking temperature. One of the world’s most static technologies may be the humble mug, but startup Ember decided it was time for a change when they introduced their temperature-controlled smart mug to the market in 2016. And the Ember Travel Mug2 has a more streamlined experience: The rotating temperature dial at the base of the mug has been replaced with a sleek, hidden-until-lit touch display for on-the-go temperature customization that works without your phone. Frequently asked questions. Stylish and smart, the Ember Travel Mug helps rapidly cool your hot drink and then it uses its built-in heater to keep everything at the temperature you set, making the first sip the same as the last. Good question. Absolutely, and the Zojirushi lineup of insulated travel mugs will keep liquids hot for days.

Given quality coffee grounds and a competent coffee maker, you can taste a pleasing depth of flavors. The 12-ounce container doesn't hold much coffee, either. Below is a list of tested phones compatible* with our app. Who is Ember? You get about two hours of use out of a single charge (the external temperature and set temperature affect this), although if you place it on its charger, you get all-day use out of it. And in addition to the black and white options we had last year, there’s also this cool copper version.

Keep your hot drink at the perfect temperature, Starting life on the consumer PC press back in 1998, David has been at the forefront of technology for the past 20 years. New features include 50% longer battery life, plus it comes with a redesigned coaster. Get discounts on some of the most popular products on Amazon this Thursday, including the Ember travel mug… and, when thinking about it recently, I figured it’d be pretty big again this year too. Then, you can grip the base of the mug and spin it to set the desired temperature that you want, within the range of 50C to 62.5C. It was an instant success, thanks to being stocked by Starbucks and Amazon, amongst other outlets, and became the world’s most precise temperature-controlled mug.

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Coffee it held at optimal temperatures had plenty of flavor.

Then, the temperature sensors kick in, and the battery-powered heater comes on to keep your drink at the temperature you’ve set.

Once your mug is full (and provided you’ve charged it on the provided dock), the Ember Travel Mug starts to show what it’s made of. Shop Ember Travel Mug² The World's First Temperature Control Mugs Ember’s patented technology allows you to set the precise temperature of your hot beverage, so you can enjoy your drink from the first sip to the last drop. Using the mug independently will limit you from customizing specific features from the Ember mobile app such as adding a name or assigning presets to different drinks.

I also like the cap that has a slick, spring-loaded lid you push to open and close. The Travel Mug² is also 15% lighter than the previous iteration, and there’s a new hidden-until-lit touch display that replaces the rotating dial at the base of the mug. It works brilliantly, too. Tell us what you think - send your emails to the Editor.