St Gildas doesn’t like Arthur, since the king had killed his rebellious brothers, but he intervene. Gerald of Wales (flourished in 12th century) believed the claims by monks of Glastonbury that Arthur was not taken there to Glastonbury/Avalon to be healed by Morgan, who was her cousin, but to be buried beside Guinevere. Though, Merlin’s sister and the Lady of the Lake appeared to be two totally different people, the resemblances are there. Lanval and the fairy woman then left the mortal world, to dwell in Avalon. The two Guineveres were actually half-sisters. See Quest of the White Hart in the Legend of Excalibur page. She informed Perceval how their mother die when he left. Gawain and his brothers was mortal enemy of Lamorak, because Lamorak’s father, Pellinor, had killed their own father (Lot). It was she who send him to Arthur, to be knighted, and there the young Lancelot fell instantly in love with Arthur’s beautiful queen – Guinevere. She also gave a ring to Yvain, not only to remind him of her, but also to return to her at the date she set. Shortly after Leodegan had made love to his wife, the Queen being a devout Christian, went to the church. In most of the legends, Brangwain’s lover was Kaherdin, sister of the Breton Isolde (Isolde of the White Hands). See Wedded to the Land in the Celtic World & Cultures page for more explanation of the Sacred Marriage. In the early legend, Morgan’s role was benevolent who used her power for healing. Each time, Enid proves her love and loyality to her husband....even by disobeying her husbands wishes in order to keep him from harm. Even at this young age, Merlin had fallen into her charm, which he found irresistible. The following is a list of characters with descriptions. Enide (Enid) Enide was the beautiful wife of the hero Erec or Gereint in Welsh and English literature. In Chretien de Troyes romance the trials that they endure are explored. I not certain, if the imposter died from her illness or she was executed on Arthur’s order. According to the Vulgate Merlin, Niniane was the daughter of Dyonas, who had married the niece of the Duke of Burgoyne (Burgundy). (See The Conspiracy of Morgan le Fay.). According to The Life of Gildas, Caradoc of Llangarfan wrote that Melvas, king of the Summer Country, had abducted and raped Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere). After they were happily married for some years, Yvain wanted to attend a tournament held by his uncle, King Arthur. Morgan had given the Green Knight the ability to survive after having had his head severed. After this incidence, we never hear from Gwendoloena again. In the tale told by Geoffrey of Monmouth, titled, The heroine in the Tristan legend. The Mabinogion had mentioned several times that Arthur had several sons: Gwydre, who was killed by the boar Twrch Trwyth (in Culhwch and Olwen), Llacheu, who was later identified as Lohot or Loholt (in the Dream of Rhonabwy), and Amhar (in “Gereint and Enid“). The eldest was married to Lot, the second to Neutres, 3rd to Urien, the 4th to Caradoc (father of Aguisant of Scotland) and the last was in school (most likely Morgan). Even though Isolde was married to King Mark, she secretly committed adultery with Tristan. Perceval met her when he returned to his mother’s castle and found her there. Merlin send three knights in the Quest of the White Hart, where Gawain had to fetch the hart, Tor retrieve the hound and Pellinor had to rescue the abducted huntress (Niniane). For convenient sakes, I will use the name Laudine. Guingamar was one of the guests to the wedding of Erec and Enide. Yet the author indicate that this was special union. Isolde was famous for been the lover of Tristan (Tristram). In Chretien de Troyes’ Conte du Graal, he wrote that a woman bore the Grail in a procession before Perceval. The Vulgate Merlin says that imprisoned Merlin in castle made of air, which only she free him. Tristan in despair, just gave up wanting to live. Elaine (Grail Maiden) was the daughter of King Pelles, while Elaine the Peerless was the niece of the Lord of the Fens and wife of Persides the Red of the Castle of Gazevilte. Morgan intends to take Arthur to Avalon, where she could heal her brother’s wounds. The construction of the house allowed her brother to observe the night sky and foretell the future (astrology). In the end, Geraint and Enid return to Camelot and live in happiness for the rest of their lives. All Rights Reserved. This was sort of like the Irish geis (gesa), which is a prohibition or taboo. Gwenhwyfar represents the land of the kingdom, and was more than than just a queen, but a powerful goddess. Either she forgot to warn her new husband-to-be or he had ignored her warning. Her name was mentioned again, in Knight of the Lion, where her ointment could even heal madness from Yvain. The False Guinevere and her accomplice Bertholai confessed to their crime when they were both was struck down by mysterious illness. In the Vulgate Merlin, the second Guinevere was the daughter of King Leodegan and his seneschal’s wife. She was a healer, and had the extraordinary ability to fly and transform herself to resemble anyone or anything else. This second Guinevere was frequently known as the False Guinevere or Second Guinevere. Her children were named Gawan (Gawain), Beacurs, Kundrie, Surdamur and Itonje. ), There was probably some justification of the adultery of Lancelot and Guinevere, since Arthur was not entirely blameless or guiltless. But in many tales, including in the Suite du Merlin (Merlin Continuation, Post Vulgate) and Le Morte d’Arthur (by Thomas Malory), she was still living, when Arthur became king, where she was reunited with her son. Her name could be Dindraine or Dindrane can be found in Le Haut Livre du Graal also known as Perlesvaus (c. 1210). When Erec heard this from his wife, the hero misunderstood her concerns and thought she had low esteem for his prowess and his skills as a knight. However, some people see that Merlin’s sister was replaced with a fairy woman and sorceress known as the Lady of the Lake. Oil on canvas, 1864 There is even confusion of who Anna was married to. In Suite du Merlin and Le Morte d’Arthur, when Morgan le Fay stole Excalibur from her brother, and gave the magical sword to her lover, Accolon of Gaul. Her great beauty also caused trouble for her. That night, Uther entered Tintagel, and took Igraine to bed, where Arthur was conceived. In the poem known as the Welsh Triad, Arthur had three queens. The symbol indicates a Knight of the Round Table. According to Culhwch and Olwen, Eigyr’s brothers were Gweir Servant of Birds, Gweir son of Cadellin Silver Brow, Gweir Brave Wicked and Gweir White Spear Shaft. He dotes on her and is so devoted to her that he can think of nothing but her and being with her. Marie had written that she had translated from a Breton song, known as the lai. Her father had served the Duke of Burgundy as vavasor, and was given the Forest of Briosque. And according to Wolfram von Eschenbach, a German poet who wrote Parzival (c. 1200), the sister of Arthur was named Sangive. And in order for Arthur to become king of Britain, he must wed and mate with the three goddesses in order to ensure the prosperity and fertility of the land (Britain). She was the heroine who informed Galahad, Perceval and Bors about the origin of Sword of the Strange Belt, the magical ship and the Tree of Life. I would just say that Geoffrey of Monmouth made a blunder when he drew up Arthur’s genealogy. When the people in Tintagel realised that the news was true: that Gorlois had died in battle, they had no choice but to surrender to Uther. There is one interesting short story, which a poetess named Marie de France had written in the late 12th century, titled Lanval. Uther took Igraine as his wife and queen. The tale is similar to the another later Breton lai, titled Graelent, written in the mid-13 century, by an anonymous writer. But earlier on, when Arthur was ruling the kingdom, Hoel, king of Brittany, was said to be the son of Anna (Arthur’s sister) and Budicius, king of Brittany [IX 2]. In the Welsh myth, before Geoffrey’s time, Morgan was identified with the goddess Modron, the daughter of Welsh god Avallach, and the mother of Mabon. One of the reasons why Galahad would succeed in his quest is that he had remained pure: he had retained his virginity and chastity. Gawain met his sister, who was called Clarissant. Though, Gawain found out who they were, neither Morgawse and Igraine could recognise him, since Morgawse left him when he was still a child, about twenty years ago. Here, the Welsh myths are identical to the Irish, with the three wives of Arthur (Gwenhwyfars) being the personifications of Britain or the Sovereignty of Britain. Arthur and Gawain had assumed Igraine had been dead during Arthur’s reign. Her lover, in this case, her husband, inspired by his love for her, would come to her rescue, performing great heroic deeds for sake. With resource and cunning, Lunete later helped Yvain to win his wife’s love back, by tricking Laudine into reconciling with her husband. Lunete not only won her freedom, but also was able to renew her friendship with Laudine. By the time they reached her home, Niniane decided to get rid of Merlin, enticing the sorcerer to teach her his magic, which she would use to trap the wizard. But there was nothing to indicate that they were her sons, though as wife of Arthur, we could possibly assume they probably were her sons. Niniane, Nymenche or Uiuiane was the Lady of the Lake, who appeared in the. Their names often differ from version to version and from language to language. Morgan was usually said to be a fairy, as she was known as Morgan le Fay. Gorlois was one of Uther’s most powerful allies against the Saxons. When Lancelot came to Corbenic Castle, Pelles wanted the greatest knight in the world to be the father of the future Grail hero. Again, like the Irish myth, king can only rule the land if he marry a goddess of the land. Sir Thomas Malory had only mention three: Morgawse, Elaine (Blasine), who was married to Neutres, and Morgan le Fay. She again promised her love to him, in return for Merlin to teach her everything about magic. Leodegan and his wife’s daughter became Arthur’s wife and the mistress of Lancelot. Several times she had imprisoned Lancelot refusing to release him until the hero became her lover. Meleagant had abducted Guinevere and later challenged the hero Lancelot to a duel, which he lost. Her name was merely mentioned in Le Morte d’Arthur as being half-sister to Arthur and married to Nentres. Their son was Yvain, the hero in Chretien’s romance, Knight of the Lion. See Elaine. It was only when Arthur arrested Guinevere for adultery and treason, that the power of the Round Table broke. Lancelot was her lover and her champion. Here, we find out that their father was named Morfryn, and that he and her sister were twins. Melvas retreated to Glastonbury. Before the Grail quest, Guinevere’s love for Lancelot had in fact made Arthur’s kingdom and the Round Table – strong. Count Oringle of Limors prevented Enide from committing suicide, when she thought her husband had died, after he had returned, killing two giants. Galahad would be the knight who restored the kingdom, which had been laid waste through powerful enchantment. The Lady of the Lake is generally said to live in the forest of Brittany. Geoffrey and Wace mentioned Arthur went to Avalon to be healed, but no mention of Morgan or ship. Enide (See False Guinevere in the page called Lancelot du Lac. Again, the great wizard and prophet, couldn’t resist Niniane’s beauty and Merlin followed her everywhere. The Vulgate Mort Artu only mentioned Morgan and unspecific number of ladies on the ship. Gorlois ignored Uther’s threats.