ONE OF THE HAZARDS IS THAT AS OUR CREWS GET OUT THERE, WE ARE TRYING TO RESTORE POWER SAFELY AND QUICKLY. Many traffic lights are still out. TAKE A LOOK. ONE DAY, TWO DAYS, FIVE DAYS? OUR CREWS GOT OUT THERE FOLLOWING THE HIGH WINDS WE EXPRESSED YESTERDAY AND WORKED THROUGH THE NIGHT. If a power outage occurs in New Orleans, call the Entergy outage number at 800-968-8243 for updates. WE HAVE MANY TRANSFORMERS ON THE POLLS. WE WILL BE USING THE MEDIA AND HOPEFULLY WE CAN DO THIS BY SOCIAL MEDIA, BY RADIO, BY TELEVISION, WHATEVER MEANS WE HAVE TO IDENTIFY THOSE POLLING LOCATIONS SO WE CAN COMMUNICATE THAT TO THE VOTERS IN ADVANCE. Options for how your energy bill is calculated, as well as when, where and how you pay it. Just click on the icon for a "zoom in" option that provides a more detailed view of the map. Time to throw everything away in the fridge. Mayor LaToya Cantrell said a full assessment was completed today, and now all efforts can move towards power restoration. 6. Courtesy: Entergy outage map as of 5:11 a.m. NEW ORLEANS – Nearly 150,000 Entergy customers across south Louisiana are without power less … Those with roof damage in need of blue tarps can call 504-350-0788. Major intersections will have temporary four-way stops.NOLA-PS schools are closed Friday. HE SAYS OTHER STATES HAVE OUTAGES AS WELL. I know you’re doing your best but please, hurry. AS WE ALL KNOW, THIS HURRICANE BROUGHT A LOT OF DAMAGE TO OUR REASON. The Entergy name and logo are registered service marks of Entergy Corporation and may not be used without the express, written consent of Entergy Corporation. MORE DETAILS. More than 95,000 people are still without power in New Orleans, as of noon Friday, according to city leaders. Use our outage map with GPS location services and satellite views. @LeSighLouisiana @EntergyNOLA Entergy why did you turn off power in Algiers Point that was working AFTER the storm??? Leave a message in the comments section! New, clickable outage icons help reduce confusion and make information more accessible. The energy company estimates it … THEY COULD ABSOLUTELY BE ENERGIZED. Lafourche Parish has more than 15,000 without power. TALK ABOUT THE PROCESS OF WHENEVER YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH DOWNED TREES OR EVEN TRANSFORMERS BLOWING. Where does one find one of those that says more than “it’s a hurricane, we’ll get there when we get there”? The field where you enter your ZIP code or address is now located prominently on the map itself for ease of use. Another person was hospitalized after a house collapsed, injuring a neighboring resident.Many traffic lights are still out. May continued to say that he expects that 90 percent of customers will have power return within 7 to 10 days and most of those people will get it back prior to that time. @EntergyNOLA Where I am a pole is almost clean down it’s hangin off a dumpster and a few cars if those cars and dumpster move the line is gone completely. One storm death was reported due to electrocution. © 2020 Entergy Corporation, All Rights Reserved. To report an emergency, such as a downed power line, smoke or fire, or a gas leak, call 1-800-968-8243. 5. More than 128,000 customers are without power in Orleans Parish. BUT, YOU KNOW, GIVEN HOW LIMITED THE TIME IS BETWEEN NOW AND THEN, THERE IS EVERY CHANCE THAT SOMEONE WILL GET UP AND VOTE ON TUESDAY AND BE REDIRECTED THEN TO A NEW POLLING LOCATION. St. Charles had close to 9000 without power, Plaquemines just under 8,000, St. Bernard had nearly 20,000 out. Also, you may wish to check Entergy New Orleans power outage information. Sign up for Outage Texting. ©2020, Hearst Television Inc. on behalf of WDSU-TV. WE ARE ALSO TOLD THAT ENTERGY AND POWER CREWS ARE WORKING AROUND THE CLOCK TO GET THE POWER RESTORED. This content is imported from Twitter. Text OUT to 36778. The company serves over 1 million customers in Louisiana and the Entergy Outage Map provides additional information about their service. When this happens, we switch to an “area view” and provide detailed restoration updates in the alert banner at the top of the map, updated twice daily. Send your complaints or troubleshoot here: Thank you for reaching out. Plaquemines Parish reported over 12,000 outages. CHRISTINA: WE HAVE DAVID ELLIS TO TELL US MORE ON THE EFFORTS TO STORE POWER ACROSS LOUISIANA. the last i saw an entergy truck was near starbucks. A mild storm event and @Entergy @EntergyLA @EntergyNOLA fails again! Notifications can be turned off anytime in the browser settings. The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Most of the city is out because of their frail and dated infrastructure! Red and green lines continue to show power status on your street. Report an outage online. The mayor says she is confident polling stations will be up and running in time for the election. Spooky Spook (@Nola_one) reported 2 days ago. Users no longer have to navigate to the "summary" tab to view outages by county/parish or state. >> GOVERNOR EDWARDS SAYS THAT THERE ARE SEVERAL MEETINGS THROUGHOUT THE DAY TO FIGURE OUT THE LOGISTICS AND HOW THIS WILL WORK. Entergy is having issues since 08:40 PM EST. Their system says my outage wasn't reported EVEN THOUGH I REPORTED IT. More than 128,000 customers are without power in Orleans Parish. This information is available at the bottom of the main menu. UPDATE: 54 out of 120 polling locations are without power.