For the first part of the project, we fabricated a faux concrete wall that sat court side and painted a custom graphic on both sides of the wall. Those lucky to make it during the short three-day window it was on display got to step into PUSH, literally. His work can also be found in contemporary art institutions like LACMA, MOMA, and The Smithsonian. His style is like geometric, graphic, and incandescent candy for the eyes, incorporating thoughtful palette choices that range from harmonious colorways, to monochromatic, to black and white. In fact, he made his foray onto the scene in 1989 with his infamous Andre the Giant stickers that later evolved into OBEY in the 90’s. His work is simultaneously sharp, linear, rough, and precise. Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Pretty cool! In ALPHABETICAL order... Sign-up for Complex Shop, our new eCommerce store fusing content and commerce. Party attendees were greeting with this wall for photo ops that happened throughout the night. Using fluorescent spray paint, we colored some random slats to give the walls and furniture a fun appearance that glowed in the blacklight! California artists available for commission murals & live art events. Follow Joy on Twitter | Instagram | CBS LA | m0th2flame, By viewing our video content, you are accepting the terms of our. However, we are used to working with everything from spray paint to brush. On the first floor of the space, we painted a large replica beveled logo which incorporated a signature box for their employees to sign. Joy Bitonio has the phrase “Joie de Vivre” tattooed on her shoulder, a reminder to enjoy life every single day. “Finalists took home VIP passes, hotel and airfare to EDC Las Vegas 2018. Painted house facades and city walls characterize the cityscape of Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a city of a thousand ... are two of L.A.'s best-known street artists and ... as a simple advertisement for the Solutions! We provided all the materials needed including canvases, water based spray paint, nozzles, protection and stencil making materials. “Bridging Homeboy Industries,” is his latest exhibition with two other East LA artists that will be on display through January 31st at RAFFMA (Cal State San Bernadino). If you want to work with our Pasadena sign painting company, please contact us at We were tasked with spray painting a very clean logo on a custom 8’ ft x 10’ ft faux brick skinned wall that we fabricated. The end visual result tied in very well with the EDC aesthetic and the client was very happy with how everything came out. As a result, the places you can find RETNA’s art is kaleidoscopic; he has exhibited at galleries and institutions throughout Los Angeles, London, New York, Miami, and internationally, along with countless murals in public spaces worldwide. After the game was over, we had a workshop setup inside the Footlocker store where we custom painted some regulation backboards as gifts for the two local teams. With finishing touches of the artwork completed live onsite, the final piece was auctioned off to guests at the end of the event. After our hosts demonstrated some tips and tricks with spray paint, the teams had about 15 minutes to come up with a plan and execute their design over the course of 2 hours. LA born Mac is world renowned for his unique rendering style using ripple like contour lines that come together to become life-like human faces.