Floating floors are particularly common in refurbishment works, and can be used to help improve the thermal or acoustic insulation of a floor construction. Building with Water: innovative approaches for sustainable architecture. Every year the river homes become locked into the ice in the Latsch Island Boathouse Community on the Mississippi River. Stern Review: The Economics of Climate Change [Online]. Once conducted, qualitative interview data can be analysed using an array of methods, including ‘linguistic analysis’ and ‘narrative analysis’, where themes may be predicted beforehand and links between the past and present take place. Multiple interviewees recognised that the quantity and delivery of social housing developments was insufficient and slow, particularly Person E (neighbouring land-based property resident) with 50% of their data related to the demand for social housing. Urbanisation represented the least significant theme across the entire data set, with an average of 2.54% (as shown in Table 4-1). These homes cost less than 5% more than the cost of conventional construction. How about in Florida? The designs can be found at giancarlozema.com. Concurrently, social deprivation and the subsequent demand for social housing remains a prevalent issue in London. Worth a try. Planning and flood risk. All utilities and plumbing are placed in extendable piping that goes up and down with the home…electric wires are bunched up in telescoping waterproof piping…plumbing pipes telescope, etc…, I am very interested in learning more about living in this Eco type floating homes, As I explained this thing to others they didn’t accept the foam filling concept so I need the proof please send me the video or the URL of the video to shanmugapriyan1211@gmail.com. Literature surrounding the context of flooding and social deprivation within London, UK, has been evaluated and formed part of the secondary research phase. Available at: http://www.knowyourfloodrisk.co.uk/sites/default/files/FloodGuide_ForHomeowners.pdf [Accessed 8 March 2017]. The benefits of the modular construction system are that these two components can be built simultaneously to avoid delay and large modular systems can be built at one time. attachment_data/file/551137/national-flood-resilience-review.pdf. Drainage and toilet pipes cannot just detach once the house floats, right? The concept of scope for new technology was most substantial in Person C’s results, at 40.9% of their data related to flooding. Available at: http://dspace.epoka.edu.al/bitstream/handle/1/972/ Floating Home Materials / Durability……………………………….. Floating Home Comparison to Boats and Houses………………………. Chapter 5 discusses the findings from the interviews and makes comparisons and contrasts with the research literature review and secondary case studies. Theyhave midnight sun in the summer & freeze in during the -40C winter temperatures when satalite TV starts to work. Yin (2014) viewed a case study as an appropriate research tool if the focus of the study is a contemporary phenomenon. They will use 25% less energy than a conventional building due to the use of water cooling techniques. On the East Coast, floating homes are rarer, but a few are currently on the market in New York, Georgia and Tennessee. Dissertation Any concepts that cannot be paralleled with the existing literature are partially discussed or otherwise, neglected. This has been used to inform the structure of the results and theoretical sensitivity, to establish paradigms or contrasts between concepts and themes. Since the first time I was traveling in Kalimantan ( Borneo ) in 1973 my mind kept wondering why in other place of Indonesia people do not adopt this method of living , namely floating houses on huge log. 2016 ed. Williams (2009, p.12) highlighted ‘people have an unexplainable connection and desire to live by the water’ and Rijcken (2006, p.1) viewed living on water as an attractive way of life for ‘transportation, recreation [and] pleasing reflections’. (2007) proposed initiatives for resilient and sustainable designs and called on designers to encourage a new mode of thinking. Hackney-Profile.pdf [Accessed 22 February 2017].