On the city’s north end, you can hop on the Stillwater River Bikeway to go to Englewood. The Great Miami River Trail continues through small towns, including Miamisburg, which boasts many trail-friendly places to visit and helpful signage telling you how to get to them. [7] Water from the Great Miami fed into the canal. Indian Lake is an artificial reservoir which receives the flow from the North and South forks of the Great Miami River. From Dayton it flows southwest past Miamisburg, Franklin, Middletown and Hamilton in the southwest corner of Ohio. Check or FAQs for more common login questions, Roadside Park (State Route 66 near Hardin Road, Piqua), Treasure Island Park (409 N. Elm Street, Troy), City Park (200 Parkwood Drive, Tipp City), Thomas B. Kyle Senior Memorial Park (Kyle Park Drive, Tipp City), Taylorsville MetroPark (2000 State Route 40, Vandalia), Rip Rap Road Park (6140 Rip Rap Road, Huber Heights), Triangle Park (2500 Ridge Avenue, Dayton), Island MetroPark (101 E Helena Street, Dayton), RiverScape MetroPark (111 E Monument Avenue, Dayton), Carillon Historical Park (1000 Carillon Boulevard, Dayton), Rice Field (2001 Dayton Cincinnati Pike, Miamisburg), Crains Run Nature Park (10741 Dayton Cincinnati Pike, Miamisburg), Smith Park (500 Tytus Avenue, Middletown), Rentschler Forest Preserve (5701 Reigart Road, Fairfield). This section of the trail is well marked. I can't say enough about this trail - you have to ride this one! It is nice to see the pride in what the trail means to the community. I am sure if we got off the trail there would have been places in Troy or Tipp City, but we were not sure where to even look. Have ridden this entire trail in 20+ mile sections in 2014-2016. 3. Surface generally in good shape and smooth. It has minimal road interaction and is very smooth. It is hard to be negative when I has such a great day. Beginning in Piqua, the trail has a wonderfully maintained asphalt surface for its entire length of more than 86 miles. Great river scenery. Lots of lovely trees and a pretty park. Piqua to Peterson Road and Taylorsville Park to Rip Rap Road Park are sections that can be very muddy. It flows south and southwest, past Sidney, and is joined by Loramie Creek in northern Miami County. Here the trail ends as there is a gap from here to the northern portion of the trail which picks up south of Middletown, OH. It would be wonderful if there was campgrounds that were located near the trail, so that people could rent a tent or small cabin. Once you are back on the trail heading north, you pass through the cities/towns of Franklin, Miamisburg, and West Carrolton before reaching Dayton and the UD campus. I would strongly recommend it to avid riders who just want to have a good time. Despite traveling through the suburban/urban setting of the Great Miami River watershed much of this ride feels as though you are in a park like setting. For this reason alone I like the Little Miami Trail better. So we go along the trail to our spot we always fish at do to the large amount … We parked at the second parking area from the north end of this section. 110 (Piqua) and Water Works Park at Groh Ln. At Hook Airfield Municipal Airport we enjoyed watching three static line parachutists and then eight free-fall sky divers. I rode the section from Dayton to Troy and back on a 90+ degree day. Tipp City offers many amenities for trail users, including some of the best way-finding signage you can hope to see along a trail. This is a beautiful, well maintained trail. It is scenic and well marked. Although we did not do the whole trail, we did start at the trail head by Old River Park, and went to Franklin. If going south, and you meet a intersection-look to your right, if you can take a side jaunt up that hill and make it, you need to write about it! Fritznel Antoine Dean, 27, of Middletown died after entering the river … This term is used in the upper portions of the valley as a moniker for the economic-cultural region centered primarily on the Greater Dayton area. Did 51 miles on the Great Miami going north 20 miles from Vandalia and 5 miles south ( and back.) I rode only the northern end (Huber Heights to Piqua and back approx. Located on the Great Miami River just south of Tipp City, we offer canoeing, kayaking, tubing and rafting. After another gap, the final completed section of the path begins at Rentschler Forest MetroPark north of Hamilton. Flooding continues to impact New Miami and Ross. Riding along the river, you quickly see that the impressive levee system built to keep the river out of town has allowed the space for a trail to be built. The great thing about this trail is it follows the river 90+ of the way, lots of wildlife, a nice breeze and great scenery. The last relates to the first two and that is the lack of good maps online or on the trail. The loop around Piqua made the perfect turning spot and provided many interesting sights throughout town. Help defend and expand trails nationwide. You might also want to consider the temperature forecast before riding this section as it was pretty hot during my August ride. In Dayton, many trail connections are possible. (you will be on roads to get there so not a good idea with kids on bikes). U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Great Miami River, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Great_Miami_River&oldid=985223102, Bodies of water of Dearborn County, Indiana, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 24 October 2020, at 18:08. It will be nice once or if they connect the two bottom sections to the main section in Franklin, Oh. Get a FREE Rail Trails Guidebook when you become a Member with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. Heading south, you will welcome the shaded tree canopy. Southern portions of the City of Hamilton are protected by flood walls up to 89 feet, with the majority of the city protected up to a stage of 90 feet. Beginning in Piqua, the trail has a wonderfully maintained asphalt surface for its entire length of more than 86 miles. This gap can be bridged by riding the shoulder of Route 73 until you reach Baxter Road. and Ponderosa Dr. (Fairfield). PLEASE be careful after rain when the dirt turns to mud. There was a couple of places where gravel was washed over the trail. It's a fine trail. Like the rest of the trail it is well-maintained and signed. Definitely one of my new favorites. As you regain the river, you’re greeted with an impressive city park along the waterfront. National Hydrography Dataset high-resolution flowline data. In Dayton’s RiverScape MetroPark, the trail intersects with the Mad River Trail, which reaches the museums and attractions of the National Aviation Heritage Area and the Wright Patterson Air Force Base. The two sections in Hamilton, OH are now connected as of July, 2016. The Little Miami trail (in contrast) has wonderful maps although I realize there is no town as big as Troy to navigate through. Click on any graph to view current, past and forecasted river levels. We had to turn around a reach our milage goals on the other end of the trail. Middletown and Monroe area would be perfect. Worth checking out more than once. The Great Miami River Trail connects several parks, which offer parking and other facilities (north to south): Beautiful and varied scenery, start to finish.The northern end is poorly marked!We completely lossed the trail at Piqua and had to double back...just added to the adventure. ( we traveled 2 hours to ride part of it and consider the day well spent). The body of a 71-year-old Englewood man was recovered from the Great Miami River on Wednesday after a boating accident Tuesday night in Miami County. It continues through Dayton, where it is joined by the Stillwater and the Mad rivers and Wolf Creek.[1]. The river and wild life made the ride interesting. In southwestern Hamilton County, it is joined by the Whitewater River approximately 5 miles (8.0 km) upstream from its mouth on the Ohio River, just east of the Ohio-Indiana state line, approximately 16 miles (26 km) west of Cincinnati. The Great Miami River is a tributary of the Ohio River, approximately 160 miles long, in southwestern Ohio and Indiana in the United States. The river meanders across the state line near Lawrenceburg, Indiana in the last two miles (3 km) before reaching its mouth approximately ¼ mile east of the border in Ohio. So beware of Tree roots small curbs and severe cracks for example. So you can ride the whole trail without getting on the road. The river is named for the Miami, an Algonquian-speaking Native American people who lived in the region during the early days of European settlement. In recent years dirt has built up on parts of the trail. This trail is such an awesome trail! Navigating Troy would have been much easier if we had some kind of map of the town ( with restaurants or gas stations, e.g.) The original bike trail has been repaved and is open to riders. Route 73 is a divided roadway so the cars and trucks are traveling at high speed. I did not find anywhere we could get water on our trip and we wanted to get some lunch. The Middletown section is the most industrial portion of the trail. 60 mi) and found it to be quite scenic and interesting ride. The scenery is varied, some city in Troy, lots of woods, river and canal views and some farmland. There is a 1.5 mile gap between where the trail ends north of Middletown and where it picks up again just south of Franklin, Ohio. Heightened attention to water pollution in the late 1950s and 1960s has led to significant improvements in waste disposal and water quality. Adventures on the Great Miami is your destination for Adventure Sports in the greater Dayton Area and the Miami Valley. I'd love to see the gap between the Hamilton and Middleton sections of this trail completed and the GMRT become one continuous trail. My only other observation of this trail is that it doesn’t mark any road hazards. The region surrounding the Great Miami River is known as the Miami Valley. [5], In the 1700s, the French called the river Riviere à la Roche ("River of the Rocks").[6]. However, to get five stars from me a few improvements would be nice. Locations along the river mainly south of the City of Hamilton become flooded. The route connects beautiful natural areas, small towns and large cities across four counties in southwestern Ohio. The I-75 renovation project in downtown Dayton is complete and the GMRT is no longer re-routed onto city streets. The trail entrance into Dayton proper is a great experience. NEAREST TOWN: Tipp City OBSERVED: So I was with five of my friends fly fishing and when we pulled in we noticed an almost dead silence. The trail is marked every 1/4 mile, so in theory if you go on too far without the next mileage mark, you should wonder if you strayed, but that's not a reliable system. Adventures on the Grat Miami: Tubing the Great Miami River - See 12 traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Tipp City, OH, at Tripadvisor. The town of Troy was the most confusing and is very very poorly marked. The Great Miami flows through Dayton, Piqua, Troy, Hamilton, and Sidney. The lack of amenities on the trail. Nice ride with my 8 year old. The southern portion of my trip, especially in Montgomery county was well signed and easy to follow where the trail diverts and how far to the next notable trailheads. The first portion of the canal, from Cincinnati to Middletown, was operational in 1828, and extended to Dayton in 1830. Your donation will help us to continue connecting more people to trails around the country. He said he had a great time! It flows south past Piqua and Troy, and through Taylorsville Dam near Tipp City and Vandalia. U.S. Geological Survey. Like much of this trail the towns and cities nearby embrace the trail and cater to cyclists. As the lower portions of the Miami Valley fall under the influence of Cincinnati and the Ohio River Valley, residents of the lower area do not identify with the Miami in the same way.