GREYSTON: Passion, yes. Was it a creative direction or special effects direction that some of the fight scenes early on you would think at least one of the pack would wolf out to participate in the fight but everybody stayed human. Holt: I don’t know, I mean—I’m still like a good 20 minutes in getting my hair ready. Really had hopes for it but still good just no the best which is sad for me to say. Q) At the end of the last season, Elena and Clay finally reconciled. And then for Elena as well, there’s one of the three – well the three witches, she has great relationships with throughout the season, they sort of develop. Laura: But it’s like that messy like – OK, all right. LAURA: I think I just don’t know how to hit lightly. It had a pleasing ending that worked out fine. We need to do this more often, Laura, just talk about the show. Laura: But what’s funny, Greyston is as you said that this season that the wolves are using their brains more, I feel like Elena’s using it less this season. I think Clay has really taken a step back and just kind of let Elena deal with some of her issues this season. At the end of the last season, Elena and Clay finally reconciled. And maybe humans in relationships need to look at what their heart is really telling them and to listen to that, because I think we’re all looking for the right fit and sometimes the right fit is the wrong fit. Greyston is already working on a new film, despite the coronavirus pandemic. Greyston: I did a guess star and I think that was before Laura was cast. In the first few episodes, we don’t see as much of the wolves. For Elena, you can imagine there are a lot of things that she’s had happen in her life and guilt. And most of the guys – all of the guys actually are very capable of doing all of their own stunts and I wanted to keep up with them. Reviewed in the United States on December 19, 2017. great series right until the let down at the very end...i'm sorry but it's almost like a shrink on pot wrote the ending. And it’s fun. Holt: Sure. I mean, she does use her brain at all times obviously, especially when investigating the dark presence. Clay definitely calls upon his skills and his knowledge as an anthropology professor and anthropologist to help get to the bottom of this. Q) Now that you’ve gotten season one done and under the belt, are there going to be any other more difference going into season two? We have a new director of photography this season, Boris, and he’s really put a dark tone on the show. Territories, Canada, and Bermuda. You nailed that answer. LAURA: Yes. Like we’re so fortunate too being in a show where – and I know I can speak on everyone’s behalf that we all look forward to coming to work in the morning and just hanging out and then getting to act together and work out scenes and everyone’s very supportive and we go through a lot of heavy emotions in the show and it’s nice to have a group of people that understands the emotions and is there for support. Aug 10, 2016 - Bitten Characters Clay and Elena. And it’s fun. Vandervoort: But it’s like that messy like—OK, all right. And so that’s a thing that’s the nurturing side of Elena because last season she was an unsure woman who didn’t know where she belong.