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The best local restaurants and takeaways are here to deliver. In response to this impact and as a way to give back to their communities, HERE employees created a no-cost planning and routing tool, called HERE WeGo Deliver. 26% of American online grocery shoppers (approx. Microsoft extends partnership with HERE to deliver location-based services. I can already tell it is going to be a life saver! "For six years, we were all about coffee, homemade bakes and brunches... never did we think we would be an online grocery business! About face: is facial recognition for parcel delivery OK.

Just read about you guys in the Phoenix Business Journal. Almost one-third of American households purchased food online in the month of March, with order volumes up as much as 193% in comparison to August last year. We found the process of organizing and entering all the addresses tedious... it took around 2 hours to load. Almost one-third of American households purchased food online in the month of March, with order volumes up as much as 193% in comparison to August last year. DeliverHere benefits the drivers, delivery companies, and delivery customers. To support businesses through the transition, HERE is offering the service free of charge for the remainder of 2020; meaning wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and cafes like Reid's can "keep their doors open" even if COVID policy says they have to keep them closed. HERE spoke with the owner to see how HERE WeGo Deliver has helped them. Rob Reid sorts groceries in preparation for the day's deliveries at Casual Mondays. Users are able to utilize the property maps to locate apartment units more efficiently. Repositioning a business from one type of service to another isn't easy, especially under time constraints (not to mention the added stress of adopting a new technology) but luckily Reid was able to take advantage of HERE's new no-cost delivery planning tool and transform his operation quickly: “When shutdowns started, we knew we had to move into delivery [service] fast. Since using the app, this admin time has decreased significantly, now only taking 15 minutes... it's all taken care of by the app. The additional 5 to 15 minutes a driver may spend to find an apartment unit will be significantly reduced with the DeliverHere app.

The pandemic-proof supply chain: what we can learn from the Middle East. To help small businesses like yours better respond to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we are offering it at no cost until the end of 2020. Property maps are consistently added to our database to ensure we have a significant number of maps in a coverage area. It also helps us continue to employ our staff during a difficult economic time and assists us in providing an important service to customers in isolation; delivering food helps keep people healthy and happy.". DeliverHere is designed as an easy-to-use app, where a property map can be accessed within four taps of opening the app.

COVID-19 has presented the world with more new challenges than we can manage, including how local businesses can connect with their customers - and how customers can support their local businesses. "Being able to upload our deliveries straight from our online store into the HERE WeGo Deliver app is extremely helpful... it determines the best route for our drivers, saving us a lot of time." The DeliverHere Pro app is now available on Android and iOS platforms. Order on Deliveroo today! HERE's new community give-back solution, HERE WeGo Deliver, has reduced the time needed to plan one coffee shop's deliveries from 2 hours to just fifteen minutes. Great app!!