Responsive Design reduce site loading speed that means your overall performance will increases. Here is the sample of all CSS queries need to make responsive blogger template. AMP-BLOGGER.COM is a website that containing the content of blogging tutorial, dedicated to users of the Blogspot platform based on AMP HTML. (Change Charset and Viewport): Check for the for the charset and viewport meta tags in your blog … Bootstrap allows you to prototype your site and see what it would look like before activating your new theme. This blog contains several categories including AMP Blogger Templates, CSS Tutorial for Blogspot, AdSense Tips, AMP HTML Tutorial, AMP SEO, AMP News, AMP BLOGGING tutorial.For any questions, please write in the comments column of each related article. Click on Edit HTML and then paste below given meta code just below tag. , By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our Cookies Usage, Privacy & GDPR Policies. Everyone prefers responsive web design. i. Copy and paste the above format and replace /* CSS CODE HERE —*/ for all device with css codes of your all classes and id of Header, Post Body, Sidebar, Footer and other section of your blog. Responsive Designs also increase your Earnings and you can use responsive adsense ad unit for maximize your earning. Blogger is the largest CMS platform for blog development. But we always think that the blog theme is not such professionals like WordPress theme, but I don’t think so. Yes, you can. Ever since she discovered WordPress, she has not ceased to be amazed by how this community-driven platform brings people together - in more ways than one. Fonts t... URL Image Parameter for Custom Blogger Images is a blogging platform provided free by Google. Responsive Design is a way to use the same theme for devices. Earlier this year, at AMP Conf, we presented the developer preview of . WPblog is a WordPress resource website that regularly publishes content covering WordPress themes, plugins, hosting, news and ecommerce. Welcome to comment section. Click on Edit HTML and then paste below given meta code just below tag. Under wp-contentthemes, create a new folder for Bootstrap. Always use Width in % instead of pixels just like Width:50%; or adjust percentage according to our requirement. CDN Statically Launch Plugin To Speed Up WordPress for FREE, How to Change the Font Type on Blogger / Website using CSS, URL Image Parameter for Custom Blogger Images, Create Social Sharing Button for AMP Blogger + Customize Button, Hot! 3.Free Blogger Template ; Free blogger template is a new blogger template gallery. This tool will import a directory of well-formed, static HTML into the WordPress pages. But we always think that blog theme are not such professionals like WordPress theme but i don't think so. Responsive design elements include modifiable column widths, stack instead of float elements and resized elements for proper viewing depending on the screen sizes. #main-wrapper  { width:100%; margin:0px auto; }, #content {   margin-right:0; width:100%; float:left;  }, #main-wrapper  { width:100%; margin:05px auto; }, #content {   margin-right:; width:100%; float:left;  }, #footer-wrapper { display:yes; width:100%; }, #main-wrapper  { width:50%; margin:0px auto; }, #content {   margin-right:0; width:50%; float:left;  }, Note:- If You Want sidebar Hide sidebar from mobile, Not found any post match with your request, Can not copy the codes / texts, please press [CTRL]+[C] (or CMD+C with Mac) to copy, 2 Stylish Css Demo Download Button For Blogger, FUD Crypters and Binders to bypass Antivirus, How To Make A Virus And Hide In An Image File (FUD), Hack Facebook Using Phishing 2016 – Bypassing Security Check, 15+ Best Blogger widgets and Plugins 2016, Remote Administration Tool Darkcomet RAT Setting up Without Portforwarding, Nmap Tutorial: How To Hack ADSL Router Using NMAP Tool, Python – Making A Simple SQL Injection Vulnerability Tester Tool, How do you choose the name of a blogger (ideas). In conclusion, we hope you like this blogging tutorial and learn how to make responsive blogger template. Responsive designs have become a part of professional web designing these days. Responsive Design are SEO Friendly as compare to separate Mobile version.