Just like the chef, nigiri pieces are beautifully precise, providing the perfect melt-in-your-mouth morsels. Raw. Anything other than what the masters have already created will need some tinkering. Grilled tenderloin and broccoli in sweet teriyaki sauce. Smoked salmon, crab, eel, cucumber and cream cheese.

Grilled steak and mushroom in hibachi soy sauce. 7 pieces of chef choice nigiris and 1 tuna roll. Ramen noodle with grilled shrimp and mixed vegetables. Then again, it can be great for events like Halloween to serve sushi that is naturally red in color. Grilled white fish and broccoli in sweet teriyaki sauce. Tuna and avocado shake mixed with special wasabi spicy sauce. Ramen noodle with grilled sea scallops and mixed vegetables. Soup with udon (thick) noodle, chicken and mixed vegetables. Raw. Served with house salad. Rice generally comes in several lengths, widths, and dimensions. Cooked. Raw. One of my favorite lunch spots. Ebi udon. Blue fin tuna, avocado, topped with spicy crunchy tuna. Crab, shrimp, egg cake and avocado. A delicious performance awaits. 12 prime slices of chef choice seafood served with rice ball. Brown rice contains less rice and has higher fiber than white rice, which makes it less sticky. Raw. Raw. From the beautiful interior design perfectly fitting the feel of the old Japanese-style home and incredible warmth of the couple who runs it, to the dazzling skills and creative sense of the chef, you need to add Mie and sushi restaurant Komada to your itinerary. You will be able to get an excellent taste and texture of the rice as you chew the sushi, which will lend itself quite well to the kind of experience you are going for.

Cooked. There is also the shape to consider, with some grains being quite slender and others being quite stout. Some can taste sour or like dirt, but those varieties are too rare for you to really bother with. This lack of stickiness will then lead to less stability when molding the sushi. Raw.

Tender chicken breast and zucchini with cream sauce. Raw. Raw. Shrimp, asparagus and cucumber topped with spicy crunchy crab. As long as you pick any of the varieties that are listed here, you should be good to go. grilled lobster tail and broccoli in hibachi soy sauce. During Edo period (1603-1868), foodies of that era enjoyed freshly prepared soba, which took a while to prepare, by drinking sake and appetizers that were specifically selected and prepared to heighten the flavor and aroma of the anticipated soba to be later served. Spicy crabmeat, cucumber and avocado.

Tori niku ramen. This may be followed by salted kasugo young sea bream from Kagoshima, local Ise kuruma ebi prawns, and superbly luscious sea urchin from Karatsu, Saga Prefecture. Cooked. That was the beginning of “Soba Mae”meaning Prelude to soba. The higher the starch content, the stickier the rice and the sweeter it becomes. Shrimp, cucumber and tempura asparagus. 6 steamed meat and vegetable wasabi flavor dumplings. Raw.

Lightly battered spicy salmon and avocado. Cooked. Tempura shrimp, cucumber and topped with avocado. Menu for ISE Of Japan provided by Allmenus.com. This includes the aroma and taste of the rice, which can be a little much if you are not careful. Shrimp. They have Monkfish Liver and Fresh oyster. Naturally, you don’t want to go overboard on this and end up with actual sticky rice, which can be a bit too sticky for your needs. There is also the smell, which comes from the nori, the filling, and if it is included in the mixture, the wasabi. INGREDIENTS They can go from sweet to herby, to starchy, to nutty, and those are the good ones. Raw. 4 sushi style chopped mussels with hot sauce on top. Grilled tender chicken breast and bell pepper in soy sauce. Spicy crunchy tuna topped with spicy crabmeat. Raw. Eel avocado topped with salmon and tobiko. Raw. For starters, the pure and white kind of rice shines brightly in contrast to the other ingredients of the sushi. Japanese food for any occasion at Ise sushi Japanese Restaurant located in the Placentia area. Tuna and avocado, topped with tobikos. It can be used in sushi, as well. Raw. Grilled steak and bell pepper in sweet soy sauce. Salmon and mango topped with spicy crunchy lobster and spicy sauce. In the Edo Period, this area flourished as the so-called kitchen of Ise. With mushroom and broccoli. Spicy salmon, cream cheese topped with salmon and avocado. Tuna, salmon, eel, cucumber and cream cheese. 3 pieces Cali, 3 pieces q-roll, 3 pieces tuna roll and 3 pieces salmon roll. 3 pieces tuna, 3 pieces salmon and 3 pieces white fish (escolar). Of course, there are also Jasmine varieties that are less aromatic, which makes them less of an issue when used for sushi. Raw. Sushi and Soba Ramen noodle with broccoli, mushroom, zucchini and onion. Cooked. Grilled shrimp and bell pepper in sweet soy sauce. Raw. Cooked. Raw. Ramen noodle with filet mignon and mixed vegetables. Lightly tempura battered salmon, cream cheese and avocado. Sake ramen. If not, the reason why those rice varieties are the best is that they possess the following qualities: It might not seem like it but not all rice varieties have those qualities. This means that it can’t start falling apart the moment you pop a nigiri into your mouth or you might be at risk of choking. You will especially want to avoid making rash decisions about this if you love sushi that is made in restaurants or sushi bars. Served with fried rice and your choice of sauce. Served with house salad.

Stir fried egg noodle. Share review. 2 lightly fried chicken skewers in tempura batter. Served with fried rice and your choice of sauce. Served with house salad. Lightly battered BBQ eel, cream cheese and avocado. Ramen noodle with grilled chicken and mixed vegetables. Beginning with some sashimi and drink, then some sushi and soba for finishing. Sushi was enjoyed in a similar manner as soba mae.

Grilled tender chicken breast and broccoli in sweet teriyaki sauce. Served with fried rice and your choice of sauce. Cool. Raw. 〈 Main Course 〉 Yasai ramen.

Grilled sea scallops and broccoli in hibachi soy sauce.

Served with fried rice and ise dipping sweet tempura sauce. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner for your dining pleasure. Chef Komada honed his skills at one of Japan's best sushi restaurants, three-Michelin-starred Araki, before returning to his beloved Mie to open his own. Those on a diet will especially appreciate how this type of rice can be filling with less of the carbs. Lightly tempura battered, spicy tuna, cream cheese and avocado. Of course, you can always fix this by adding a bit of cornstarch when cooking your brown rice, but the results will not nearly be as good. Spicy tuna and tempura crunchies topped with spicy scallions shrimp. Yasai soba. Sushi has been gaining popularity worldwide, and so many parents wonder if they can give their kids sushi. Tempura battered salmon and cucumber. Cooked. As the Rias Coast provides an array of seafood and marine delicacies for Ise Shima in Japan, Ise-Shima at the Miyako also provides Southern California’s freshest sushi and other exciting Japanese dishes. BUSINESS HOURS Lunch Tue - Friday 11:30 - 2:00 Dinner: Tue - Sunday 5:00 - 9:00 Despite having the bounties of the sea all around, the Ise Shima area lacked a restaurant serving authentic Edomae sushi, so Komada’s appearance on the scene was a savior. Chopped salmon, cucumber, carrots and spicy mayo served with ponzu sauce. Served with fried rice and your choice of sauce.