She is frustrated at the slow progress towards paying compensation to people who lost their jobs or their homes, were denied healthcare or the right to travel, or who were, in extreme cases, detained and deported. You have added these lawyers to your shortlist. “The descendants of that generation, the children and grandchildren, who have also spent most of their lives in the UK are also being subjected to discrimination and injustice […] The systemic racism we face has at its roots the legacies of colonialism and enslavement, and the Windrush scandal and all of these issues I’ve just talked about are all part of that,” she says. In July, Home Office statistics revealed that out of the 1,392 claims it has received since launching the scheme in April last year, only 221 had so far received payouts which collectively amounted to a total of £1,185,830.58. She realised that the documentation difficulties were causing life-shattering problems in early 2018, when a client she was assisting died as he tried to resolve his citizenship issues, a death she believed may have been connected to the stress he was under as he tried to persuade authorities that he was not an illegal immigrant. It offered a scathing indictment of its handling of the crisis, which Williams wrote was “both foreseeable and avoidable”. Click Jacqueline's profile to discover their Immiwork Rating, write a review, and read professional endorsements. Zita Holbourne. They had secured tenures on council housing or they had bought their homes, so homelessness is not a massive thing.” McKenzie further criticises the scheme for “asking people for copious amounts of evidence, which goes back years, sometimes decades,” and, lastly, that the scheme doesn’t actively provide victims with compensation. As a solicitor she practised in the areas of civil litigation, criminal and immigration law at top civil liberties firm, Birnberg Peirce and partners. “I think the politicians believe that the majority of people in Britain are racist and don’t want migrants here, and so they all play to the gallery. For years before the scandal broke in 2018, she had been helping lots of Caribbean-born clients with citizenship claims and was dismayed that they were having to pay fees of more than £1,000 to regularise their status, when they had arrived in the UK legally as children. The Black Lives Matter movement must be more than a passing moment. From left to right: Jacqueline McKenzie, Miranda Grell, and Zita Holbourne. When the compensation scheme launched in April 2019, Mckenzie says that the woman applied immediately – however, she has still not received any compensation. Lauren Laverne, Emma Barnett and guests in frank and funny Late Night Woman's Hour.