After much anticipation, Jagged Edge has finally delivered their 10th studio album, A Jagged Love Story, via their independent label Hardcase. The news follows the release of the first single from the project. *Laughs*, Your email address will not be published. love you guy I her yell song it is great and I wish you the best I always listen to yell song I want to know can I meet you guy because I never see yell but I going to come one day to the concert to see you guy, New Video: Jagged Edge – Closest Thing to Perfect, New Music: Shawn Stockman (of Boyz II Men) – Left Right. We’ve done three videos already and we’re about to do “Seasons Of Us” soon. Brian Casey: We read a review that said Jagged Edge is the best at blending what was with what is. It’s going to be vintage Jagged Edge, but technology moves faster than we do. We eventually got to 22 and decided to make it a double album. We can do some of what’s going on right now and still blend it with what we do best and make it a hybrid. Further, the group went on to explain the sound you can expect on the new album: Wingo: Just like the last two albums, we produced everything ourselves. Jagged Edge has re-announced the official release of their 10th studio album, entitled “A Jagged Love Story.”. The younger generation likes that sound, so for us to ignore that and still want to garner new fans, it would be dumb on our part. Second independent release since Layover in 2017, prepare yourself for a 31 song roller-coaster of emotions and love stories. Just reflect back on that time because that was crazy. Plus we’ve never done it before, and we’re big on still trying to set the bar. Jagged Edge has re-announced the official release of their 10th studio album, entitled “ A Jagged Love Story .”. On “A Jagged Love Story”, there’s a record called “Can’t Help It” so it’ll be similar to that. For us, it’s always going to find that fine line in between it. One of the reasons that our production has grown is because we taught ourselves how to play the keyboard while being in this business and being on the road constantly. The group just released their double album “A Jagged Love Story” to celebrate their tenth studio album. We didn’t plan to make it this long. Also we didn’t shoot any videos for “Layover” so we figured we wanted to get some videos out there for this album. Group members Brian and Brandon Casey, Richard Wingo, and Kyle Norman say that kind of support blows them away after every release. YouKnowIGotSoul had a chance to talk to Brian Casey from the legendary R&B group Jagged Edge. Jagged Edge has released their long awaited 10th studio album, entitled “A Jagged Love Story.”. YouKnowIGotSoul: How did you approach this album creatively and when did you decide it would be a double album? The group's name derives from track 12 - "Snake" from rapper … A Jagged Love Story isn’t all terrible though, as out of the thirty-one songs, a few standouts, are worth the stream. Lead signers of the group (Brandon & Brian) oversee most of the production and writing of this two-hour-plus album. So to see that type of …embrace from our fans, it’s amazing.”. It’s not like one way on the first album and different on the second. At the same time, we had used autotune on a few songs on “Jagged Little Thrill” and “Hard”. group’s first single “Closest Thing to Perfect”. Us being able to make it this long in the business is a testament to our real friendship. Download the FOX 5 Atlanta app for breaking news and weather alerts. Brian Casey: It’s been a process that started back when we did the “Jagged Little Thrill” album. © Copyright Reviews & Dunn. "A Jagged Love Story" was released in late July and immediately soared near the top of the iTunes R&B Albums Chart. Best Songs : “Seasons of Us, “How to Fix It”, “Closet Thing to Perfect” and “What Can I Do”.