", "I was at Friday's restaurant. Blackmon." "No sir." He was real cool towards me.". I know Tory and Thurston. He told me to meet him somewhere, follow him, and he would get the , cocaine for me. Maybe both. When I got back I couldn't decide if I should leave it in the car or take it with me. ", "No movement. We are going to call this prosecutor as a witness. Never went to Jamal Woods table. Bekannt wurde er vor allem durch seine Darstellung des Doug Heffernan in der Sitcom King of Queens Leben und Karriere. Blackmon." I didn't want any of this to happen. I didn't want it to be like that. "Yes. Were you working on December 17, 18th? Some saw the car Woods got into and left. "Yes. It was in the parking lot." You watched the video was it working properly? It was submitted in late August 2007. Did your party try to keep you seated. Did you follow them? Tank was to your left. Has your conclusion on either changed? You went that night? They could never get out of prison. Morgan. I got shot. "Yes." "I got him December 27, 2006. What you are talking about is death penalty is final and cannot correct errors made. He pulled his d**k out in front of my mother. Anybody drinking? I decided to take it inside in case things popped off (escalated). "It seems like he was aggressive." How about extreme circumstances? "Happy Valentine's Day." "I will tell the truth, only the truth. They were letting off plenty of odor. ", Yesterday, somebody testified about an incident at the jail. We had 2 funerals. "Yes sir." 39 years. It didnt match the new furniture. You went in to the restaraunt what did you see, "It was caotic. ", "Yes. Dr. Adel Shaker, Medical Examiner. In your respons, e to the questionnaire you made an ecomonic reference to the cost. He was several feet from the bar area. 'You from this area? A friend kept my kids. He had a short temper. Did you see any people with Jamal? I was there 24 hours or so. This is a constitutional right of any defendant in a criminal case.'. Was it in the report? "No sir. ', Don Rizzardi, Madison County Assistant District Attorney...'Been here a long time today, take a deep breath. Anything related to the crime." ", 'Juror # 78...again, you answered the same question saying you could not impose the death penalty. What did Jamal say before the shooting. It peaked your interest? You were on the cell phone? I'm going to list them out for you and I want you to tell me if you know any of the officers. Its not a 'who done it' case. My mother left to attend his funeral. What was your sister like at this time? He didn't know who was doing the restraining. you not see that $3,000 ring on her finger? What did you do and what was said? Let's go back to the DV, D player you took from Friday's restaurant. "He said one person got hit. All 100 jurors are seated in the middle section. Were you following somebody? I was worried about my crew, Tank, Tory and Thurston. The judge will tell you, you have to be convinced of every single element in this case. When I got home pulled mine out an, d looked at it, I knew it was a 9." Decisions made on a spur of the moment, no forethought or consideration. That injury was brought on by a severe injury. Do you know him on a business basis? Does that show the entry wound? Assistant District Attorney Shauna Barnett now questioning witness Gary Glass. "Yes I could consider it for that case, but probably wouldn't do it." You haven't gone to the DA's office to view this exhibit? Birthplace United States. I didn't call the police." Had a close hair cut, almost shaved head. I cut on my code to get there quicker (running lights and sirens).". I took one step back, I could see the other 2 standing up. "Yes." I went inside the building. 'I'm a former waiter at TGi Fridays. It was clear an argument took place." When you entered the restaurant, my table was near the front of t, he restaurant near the windows. We were 2 feet away. Jamal had something. you will leave a print, especially if you have oil on your hands. Sgt. These are your reports you authored in this case. They have suffered like no other. That will allow the defense and prosecutors a chance to select who they feel is the most qualified pool to hear this case. "I did do it." If death was a deterent would we have as many murders? You weren't there, didn't watch it. I didn't see him." We walked in, went up to the bar. We grew up in Athens together. What is irresistable impulse? I had a boyfriend, Tyrone, who is in jail right now. The date was correct time was not." We were on the inside. How long did you sit at the table when you came back into the restaurant? You hurt? Then POW! The phone  call I remember most was from Jamal at A&M. You made a statement on the date of the shooting that it looked to be a 9mm handgun. I remember 4 shots. His mom went to South West College, she majored in psychology. If you pointed a gun at me I would expect you would pull the trigger. If there is that evidence, will the mere fact that there is evidence in this case that Jamal was subjected to gang culture affect you from rendering a fair verdict? With the persona of a con artist, it really is no wonder that Beard … What made you stop shooting. Mr. Rogers referred to as OG? Jamal stood up next to Thurston and shot again. He is being questioned by Madison County Assistant District Attorney Don Rizzardi. Its a city charge." One, kind of stands out a little more than the others." I signed it. "Laughing, cutting up. You didn't see the confrontation? While Susan was working, family took care of Jamal, he was subjected to street gang culture in South Central LA. How did you know about the shooting? So the next day I hit him with a chair. Did you hear Jamal say to his wife Rotesia what's that all about you know these "N's"? During our visit, one of the inmates took off his clothes and started playing with his d**k in front of my mother. He then turns and fires 4 shots. We know about the front door, any other exits? What about his height and weight? I called him from my ex-husband's house. No school or sporting activities, weddings, family gatherings, etc. He was right there with me. Are you telling the jury to escape the gang culture? I'm not questioning him right now. Get up! My girl (Rotesia) was at the , precinct. "Religious." He was a little guy" Anybody intoxicated before you left Terrance's house. Have you reviewed those tapes? 2 people were fighting how do you know he's aggressive? He saw them having a discussion at the bar he said I guess they were blowing it off. He met us over at a friends house. "I examine the unnatural death cases to determine the cause of death.' "No. "Yes. We take the tips and full roll to cover all three joints. "At the bottom level, below the bar." I didn't know who he was. I called one man, but said he was an attorney for Fridays.". It is my basic belief if I can't give a life I can't take a life." My other uncle was in prison. And was once the manager here at the Huntsville location." If he viewed you as crossing him, he would respond with aggression. "That is correct." Try to holla. "Everybody sat down, we were looking at the menu. Pain." ", Larry Morgan, cross examine. Were you and Investigator Owens in the room, "Yes we observed the video with an ADT Technician." She was telling him she went to school with him. "I don't understand." and Rotesia say, "From the neighborhood? "No sir. "We watched from the time of the shooting to the end on several different angles." I couldn't help. "Yes everyday." He was a student athlete. Is it safe to say you were sitting there talking before the shots? Did you have a close relationship with Jamal? You should never forget their faces. Close to the downtown. I didn't see any bleeding. How long had he been out of school in Memphis before the shooting? Exhibit 5 is the north area of the bar. "Your baby daddy, your husband and friends. I left to get my pistol." The table where you were seated was 3 feet from Jamal Woods and his party.