[IMPROVEMENT] Improved compatibility of frontend&backend .htaccess path detection when site url is different than installation path. [UPDATE] Fixed a couple of potential PHP notices in the Network cache tab and when no vary group is set. [NEW] Added thirdparty WP-PostRatings compatibility. [NEW FEATURE] Preserve EXIF in Media setting. Since you probably are a WordPress expert, you’d be interested to know that I actively search professionals keen to collaborate to my column « Les interviews d’experts WP ». LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress (LSCWP) is an all-in-one site acceleration plugin, featuring an exclusive server-level cache and a collection of optimization features. It's why I personnaly don't recommend to use Imagify with Photon. [NEW] “Purge By URLs” now supports full URL paths. [UPDATE] Change environment report file to .php and increase security. [Hotfix] Removed empty crawler when no role simulation is set. A. [BUGFIX] Fixed logged in users sometimes being served from guest cache. If it is a fresh OLS installation, the easiest way to integrate is to use, If OLS and WordPress are both already installed, please follow the instructions in, LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise with LSCache Module (v5.0.10+). Confused by what cache-control HTTP headers are? Facebook : Ability to create custom default config options per hosting company. Anyway you don't need to concatenate your JS it is a bad idea very unstable. There’s also ESI block support, so you can cache specific parts of your site even when a user is logged in. [BUGFIX] Crawler now honors X-LiteSpeed-Cache-Control for the ‘no-cache’ header. My score on Google PageSpeed increased, but I still feel like a lot can be improved. [NEW FEATURE] Batch switch images to original/optimized versions in Image Optimization. [BUGFIX] Fixed a constant undefined warning after activation. If you have the chance to manage a server with a cPanel and an access root for WHM, you can select the configuration I’m proposing here below with just one click! [UPDATE] Removed Freemius integration due to feedback. Jonathan, May 10, 2017 . Added a help tab for plugin compatibilities. Fixed Script URI issue in 3.0.9 #223 (@aonsyed). LSCWP works right out of the box with default settings that are appropriate for most sites. I've also done some speed tests and comparison. LS cache has much more features than Autoptimize, like critical css, image optimization, iframes, disable cache per post/page, DB optimizer, redis and much more. ( Washington ). : Ability to generate mobile Critical CSS. (@szmigieldesign). [NEW FEATURE] Added option to privately cache logged-in users. [UPDATE] For woocommerce pages, if a user visits a non-cached page with a non-empty cart, do not cache the page. Learn more. Also, what shoulb be the best setup for wp Rocket? [COSMETIC] Improved crawler tooltips and descriptions. [IMPROVEMENT] Added cache disabled check for management pages. What are you waiting for? Have you taken the WordPress 2020 Survey yet? Remember to pair it with a solid hosting platform like GCP, AWS etc. [NEW FEATURE] Added a private cache TTL setting. Get WP Rocket Now [GUI] Added more shortcuts to backend adminbar. I have used several caching plugin Ford my clients. This controls the setting of all managed sites with “Use Network Admin Setting” selected for “Enable LiteSpeed Cache”. Self-hosting Google Fonts seem like a good way to speed up your website. But despite of these suggestions, I’m afraid there is even more to do. Conclusion About LiteSpeed Cache. [IMPROVEMENT] Bypass CDN for login/register page. Many people don’t think about it and never do it. [NEW FEATURE] Multiple CDN Mapping in the CDN tab. Unless I misunderstand, this isn’t an apples to apples comparison. The most common case is that you should use a CDN when your audience is international, that is, when your have visitors from every corner of the world. [NEW] Added wp-cli command for setting and getting options. [UPDATE] Single site settings are now in both the litespeed cache submenu and the settings submenu. (@vengen). [IAPI] Reset client level credit after Image Optimization data is destroyed. Should I give priority to a widget for my Facebook page or should I provide a better user experience with a page that loads 3x faster? If your web server is in Paris but your traffic comes also from France, America and Asia. If there is a new forum/topic/reply, the parent pages will now be purged as well. Activation/Deactivation are now better handled in multi-site environments. Thanks for all your ratings. Learn more in the API documentation. [BUGFIX] Multiple WordPress instances with same Object Cache address will no longer see shared data. [INTEGRATION] Fixed WooCommerce conflict with optimizer. It can not really interrupt the access to your server since it will simply replace the URL of your resources (images, .js, etc.) [NEW] Added an import/export options cli command. [IMPROVEMENT] Removed Composer vendor to thin the plugin folder. Nicolas Laruelle (alias Mister WP), est entrepreneur dans la création de sites Internet depuis 2009. If I use Photon via the Jetpack plugin, do I need to configure the CDN tab in WP Rocket? And if your site is already fast, these points will help boost its speed! I hope they look at the Perfmatters plugin and take some of their ideas to speed things up more and make less connections to the server. @Jonathan There is nothing to do with Photon & WP Rocket. When optimization is requested, images are transmitted to a remote QUIC.cloud server, processed, and then transmitted back for use on your site. [NEW FEATURE] PHP CLI support for crawler. [UPDATE] Added private cache support for OLS. (@knutsp), [UPDATE] Improved a PHP warning when saving settings. [UPDATE] Reorganize the admin interface to be less cluttered. (@closte #50), [UPDATE] Fixed issue where WP-PostViews documentation contained extra slashes. In these cases, not even a performance plugin like WP Rocket can work miracles to reduce the slowness of these external widgets. [NEW] Added Purge Pages and Purge Recent Posts Widget pages options. : Fixed an issue in responsive placeholder generation where redundant history data was being saved and using a lot of space. URI is a prefix/string equals match. Nginx servers will win every single time, and do not require bloated cache "plugins" because they have FastCGI cache built in... Only $5/month you can setup a Nginx cloud server, cheaper than shared hosting crap. [IMPROVEMENT] Improved JS/CSS minify to achieve higher page scores. In any case, remember that, for optimal performance. [UPDATE] Removed crawler reset notification. I would love to have the Perfmatters functionality within Litespeed as I think they would be a great combination. Again, highly recommend and also recommend having Litespeed server with it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://wpspeedmatters.com/best-wordpress-cache-plugins/, https://www.proisp.eu/blogg/optimize-wordpress-with-litespeed-cache-plugin/. Any one of the following will work: The General Features may be used with any web server. [BUGFIX] Fixed a bug involving CLI purge all. [UPDATE] Added detailed logs for external link detection. You can learn more about what these services cost, and what levels of service are free, on your QUIC.cloud dashboard. ", in your opinion, which one will win? Edit: you and all your LS shills can down vote me but it's still true. An Intro for WordPress Users, How to Set a Performance Budget for Your Website. At the moment I’m working on a site using WooCommerce and WPML together. If you have doubt, contact your hosting. [IMPROVEMENT] Separate crawler access log. [NEW FEATURE] Cache WooCommerce Cart setting. Autoptimize also deals with cache, so my question is: should I install LS Cache, or just stick to Autoptimize? As everybody else, LiteSpeed Cache performs better than WP Rocket in LiteSpeed Server. May 15, 2020. It’s not uncommon to see sites loading images weighing more than 1.5 MB. [NEW FEATURE] Purge All Hooks setting in Advanced tab. Nevertheless, don’t forget that it’s equally important to also have an optimized web hosting. At first he was focused on SEO and web traffic monetization, but since 2015 he decided to concentrate on WordPress, and he loves that! Since you probably are a WordPress expert, you’d be interested to know that I actively search professionals keen to collaborate to my column «. [IMPROVEMENT] Added Store Transients option to fix transients missing issue when Cache Wp-Admin setting is OFF. WP Rocket, u will love the support, also they have made me customized settings for my page. There is no longer any need to explicitly Save Settings upon Import. If your web server is in Paris but your traffic comes also from France, America and Asia, your assets will have to make a very long intercontinental journey. Within the WordPress community, we insist a lot about the importance of running a good optimised website. We already know that checking the “Compress all content” box is not recommended. [IAPI] Increased request timeout to fix a cUrl 28 timeout issue. The creation of a free account takes less than a minute. Especially i have been using wp rocket on my latest projects. Instantly, I could identify which plugin is integrating the JavaScript through a poorly coded script: take a look at the URL : /wp-content/plugins/, P3 Profiler (even if it seems abandoned by its author), My feeling was right.