Also, the gun safes come with an adjustable interior shelving system for you to organize your weapons and other items just the way you like them. The overall housing also features a 1.5-inch thick, top class, fire-resistant steel construction to withstand 1-hour fire temperatures up to 1750°F. The model also features a battery-powered electrical lock and a physical key for emergency access. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It is made with 100% steel construction for enhanced protection and a 1-year non-transferable warranty.
The bottom line is that the MBF6032E gun safe is a fantastic option for those looking for a safe to store their gun collection with all the necessary safety features to protect your valuables.

The great news is that Mesa offers gun safes in many different designs so that customers get to find one that best matches their home or office decor.

Every single Mesa safe sold carries a 100% complete and total lifetime guarantee and warranty to the the original owner of a Mesa gun safe. If you’re looking for top-rated quality gun safes with first-class protection, then we are certain that you’ll be able to find a suitable solution here with Mesa Safe Company.

This large gun safe lets you store up to 14 long rifles with the ability to customize the interior to keep all your valuables in order. The electronic keypad lets you use 5 unique access codes with one master-key access and is powered by batteries but the company has also included a physical key in case your keypad runs out of battery. First on our list is the MBF5922E gun safe that’s designed to protect your firearms along with other valuables, jewelry, and important documents. Aside from being pry-resistant to ward off any intruders, the safe also has a fire safety rating against temperatures up to 1750°F for one hour fire to keep your belongings safe from any accidents. Other than that, it also features an anti-drill steel plate to protect the Mesa Gun Safe such that even if the electronic keypad locking mechanism is removed, the Mesa safe MFL3020EE will still stay securely closed.

The Mesa safe also has an additional security feature that will put the safe under sleep mode for 15 minutes when someone repeatedly enters the wrong code. There is absolutely no way an intruder is able to carry this model out of your house thanks to the anchor holes that let you securely attach it to the floor.
The unit features a battery-powered electronic lock system with an emergency key for you to access it in case the batteries dry out. Nonetheless, the MAWS2113E wall safe makes for a great solution if you need a Mesa gun safe to store your pistol, handguns, and other smaller items. Also, inside the Mesa safe are three electrical sockets, 2 USB ports, and a power source cord for convenience. Additionally, all the interior is beautifully carpeted with shelves and door panels to provide users with the flexibility of organizing.

Mesa Gun Safe is a reputable gun safe manufacturer that has been around since the early ’80s.

Not many gun safe manufacturers offer lengthy warranties but most Mesa safes are guaranteed to be free from defects for life.

The MBF3820E Mesa gun safe is packed with plenty of security features on top of quality construction that consists of high-end thick steel to ensure durability and reliability. Mesa Gun Safe Company even tops the MBF3820E gun safe with one of the best fire-rating on the market and a one-year limited warranty on all parts and labor. Q: What happens if my electronic gun safe lock fails? Featuring 100% steel construction, 1-inch thick steel bolts, and ½ inch thick, durable steel door, the gun safe is set to keep all your valuables safe from any intruder. Gun safety should be number one on every gun owners list. The safe also comes with 2 ¾ inch sturdy locking bolts to ensure your door remains locked and pre-drilled anchor holes for you to bolt it to the floor. This high-grade steel constructed gun safe is thoroughly welded with high-quality steel hinges along with a top-notch ¼ inch thick pry-resistant steel door.

It also comes with a 9-volt battery, 3 brass handles, and a physical key for backup access.