If you’re looking for a compact, ultra-cool NAS case for your data storage needs, then go with our second, Thermaltake, item. You want to change the adaptors according to how many people you need to serve at one time. Are you ready to get the best mini ITX NAS case for you? If you have super critical data on the NAS you should still back it up anyway since ECC memory and RAID are not a substitute for an actual backup. It is not the smallest mini ITX case in our list but offers plenty. How would you upgrade it? For HD go seagate or western digital NAS branded. The Sandisk Cruzer Fit drives are extremely small and can barely be noticed on the back of the NAS. Their devices are all well designed, well built and yet still very affordable. Here are our recommendations for the 4 best mini ITX NAS cases on the market: CORSAIR CARBIDE AIR 240 Micro Mini ITX Case. Why did you use the network card, and onboard NIC. With it, you can learn just about anything you’d want to know about NAS so you can grow your understanding and expand your skill set at the same time. When I discovered the U-NAS NSC-800, I immediately knew which case I’d be using in my next DIY NAS build. It comes with a lockable front door and key to protect all of your hard drives once you have them installed to create your NAS. SSDs are getting bigger and coming down in price but standard 7,200 rpm drives are still too cheap to pass up for a home NAS. Bays: 6x 2.5/3.5in SATA HDD/SDD in Lockable Hot-Swap/Removable Caddies. For those who could not be stuffed building their own, and want pre-built systems, try your local IT retail suppliers as they sometimes do good builds at a good price, and you also have great workstations from Lenovo, under the P series (P310, P700, P900 etc) and usually for a little more money, unless there having a special, you have Dell under the Precision tower series. Hardware designers are packing tons of powerful features into ITX motherboards leaving no compromises for builders. Bear in mind that high performance components require cooling a small form factor cases are not usually as good at this as their larger cousins. Thanks for the great build write-up. Connect the front panel USB 3.0 Header to the blue header port on the motherboard. It will sit nicely with other modern tech products and has a similar feel to it as the popular Amazon Eco device. If you are planning to use the a mini-ITX motherboard and want the best small form factor case you need to think of the purpose of your HTPC build. By using the mini ITX form factor the overall size of the system is very small yet provides plenty of flexibility and room for future expansion. The fan controller has three speeds settings to control the two front intake fans, and the rear exhaust fan. Recommended Boards: To fully utilise all drive bays we recommend using a board with at least 7 storage ports including an M.2 slot for a boot drive. The Chieftec IX-01B-OP is well ventilated and the noise levels will remain low. In this build the Sandisk USB drive servers as the “hard drive” for the FreeNAS installation. The feature set and reliability is hard to beat. I don’t think the Atom requires a cooling fan. I’l be using an Intel Pentium G3220 Dual Core CPU; is FreeNas CPU heavy? See our range of PSU reviews. It seems that a sizable amount of RAM is needed but I haven’t seen much information for CPU load. Tuck this cable and also the unused PCI-E cables into the cavity above the drive cage, then push and screw the PSU back into place (it is tight squeeze). Case Dimensions: L x W x H 11.22 x 7.13 x 8.74 inches, Putting together a gaming build? I know that the question is quite old, but maybe the answer will benefit someone else. I stream at 1080P (10Mpbs) to my Roku without any issues. These are our reviews for the 4 best mini ITX NAS case on the market: CORSAIR CARBIDE AIR 240 Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX Case. ini ITX Cases if you Want Something Different, Best CPU for Under 100 – Power without the Price, Arctic Zephyr Install: Arctic Zephyr Kodi Skin for Elegance, Nintendo NES Raspberry Pi Case Review – NESPi by Retroflag, Best Raspberry Pi Case for RetroPie & Classic Gaming Projects, Best Raspberry Pi Case for Touch Screen Projects. Cube cases are a good choice if you want to keep your PC small yet still get some power under the hood. All motherboards I recommend will fit perfectly in either case along with the RAID card. This may seem counterproductive but there is a air inlet with a filter directly below the power supply which allows the flow of air. Syba 8 Bay Tool Less Tray Hot Swappable 2.5" and 3.5" SATA Non Raid Hard Drive External USB 3.0 E… This mini-ITX case is designed with security in mind above all other factors. Mini-ITX Case. Mini ITX systems are becoming very popular with hardware enthusiasts and it’s not hard to see why. Do not expect to fit too many expansion cards due to the cases size but it will take a single low profile PCI card. Find the smallest mini ITX case or micro ATX chasis to suite your build. In this post you’ll find a step by step guide to building your mini NAS using Fractal Design’s new Node 304 case. When building an ITX  system its easier to install the CPU before the motherboard has been mounted in the case. You may test at this point. Or would you rather buy one out of the box ? Not bad for a small HTPC mini ITX case! This case is made to maximize airflow, regardless of how much empty space is available. Unlike most cases the power supply in the Node 304 mounts toward the front of the case. It is the best small form factor case if you only want the motherboard, CPU and a singe disk. 1x 3.5in. What would you change to this configuration/components base on what we have available today (Nov, 2015)? If you’re looking to trim costs and you don’t plan to start with 12TB of storage you could potentially drop the memory from 16GB to 8GB. Adding the extra network card is optional though, it will fine with the onboard card as well. Do you have any comments or opinion on that? Olá! Install both of the 8GB memory modules into the board and snap them into place. I used a ratchet for this step since the threads were such a tight fit. The complete build time using the Morex 557 is around 10 minutes! You might want to consider 10Gbe adaptors if you have a lot of users. The Morex 557 is compact, impressive looking and great value for money. The Thermaltake Core V1 mini-ITX case is the first cube style case in our list. As others indicated the board you reference isn’t available but I’ve been looking at the ASUS H87I-Plus. Testing with JPerf showed the system had no issues fully saturating the Intel gigabit network card. Founder of Mechanicalcaveman.com, Beau is an unrepentant tool enthusiast and, sporting deadlift-callused hands and incongruously a beer belly, all-around macho guy. Privacy Policy & Cookie Statement  |  Terms & Conditions  |  Contact Us  |  © Mini-ITX.com 2002-document.write(new Date().getFullYear()), Spare HDD Tray & Key for NAS6 & CFI-A7x79 Chassis for NAS6, at least 7 storage ports including an M.2 slot for a boot drive, Mini-ITX NAS6 Mini-ITX NAS Chassis with 6x Removable HDD Bays and 350W PSU, 1x 2.5in The Mini-ITX.com 6 Bay NAS Chassis 350W, in black, has a solidly constructed steel chassis and 6 individually lockable hot-swap/removable drive bays suitable for either 2.5in or 3.5in hard drives. And… have you considered a low power construction, or one that may utilize the 6-core Intel Atom processor versus the I-3 cpu? Cooling: 1x 80mm x 80mm x 25mm Rear Fan with fan guard. The Mini-ITX.com 6 Bay NAS Chassis 350W, in black, has a solidly constructed steel chassis and 6 individually lockable hot-swap/removable drive bays suitable for either 2.5in or 3.5in hard drives. You must also ensure that you get the correct power supply to suite your chosen case. Your email address will not be published. Not bought your motherboard yet? If you want to add drives in the way that you suggest, you could do it, but it is not an ideal situation for several reasons. Supported Boards: All Embedded (e.g. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The Morex 557 is a simple but effective HTPC mini ITX case. There are some great looking HTPC mini ITX case designs out there and you will not be disappointed with the five listed above. This case by Chieftec is one of the best small HTPC cases if you want that extra storage capacity for media libraries. I recommend installing the heatsink on the processor before it starts to get too crowded inside the case. Your email address will not be published. Hi to everyone,I'm trying to build a home NAS based on Eolize SVD-NC11-4, a box with 4 hot swap bay or maybe a Silverstone with 6/8 bay.I'm looking for a motherboard with these features:- Support for almost 2 memory slot and 32 GB maximum ram- 4/8 SATA3… Mount the power supply with the fan facing downward. It provides a tiny HTPC solution with just enough space for the bare minimum PC components. The FreeNAS mini now uses ECC, as it should. Is the UEFI BIOS going to cause problems? This will allow you to stream blu-ray quality without lag. Intel heatsinks normally come with thermal compound pre-installed so it can be placed on the processor right out of the box. Besides the great experince of building the NAS would you still build a new NAS yourself again ? Need a power supply? So which mini-ITX NAS case is going to be right for your computer, server, or databank? If A/V receiver (which my plan calls for), any issues with sound passing between the NAS server and A/V Receiver? Am I giving up too much performance i.e. Best of all, because it’s intended to house powerful gaming gear, this mini-ITX desktop case is designed with convenient cooling mechanisms and systems. Need storage for your media libraries? This is the second smallest mini ITX case in design and looks pretty neat. In this Top Mini ITX Cases post I will review some of the very best small HTPC cases available on the internet and the features each has to offer. This is the only mini-ITX case on our list to feature a lockable front door so you can limit access to your most important information both digitally and in the real world! A question for Sam, do you have your HDMI (from your NAS server) connected a A/V receiver or directly to a TV? While it’s certainly not a bad idea to use ECC I’m not fully convinced it’s necessary for a home NAS.