The early closure of nuclear plants has a devastating impact on towns. Obama is not backing down from his faith in this type of power, do you have a better plan, or do just want to blame someone for something that has not happened. This is unbelievably stupid, but then to put in underground fuel tanks that can be so easily flooded makes me think that there is a Three Stooges Nuclear Construction company somewhere near Osaka. If approved and built, the project would be among the first nuclear plants in the country to be constructed on a new site in more than 30 years, and it will involve development of one of the single largest transmission infrastructure projects in Florida’s history. Please contact the business for updated hours/services due to the COVID-19 advisory. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The 104 commercial reactors in the United States produce 20 percent of the nation’s power. Find 2 listings related to Nuclear Power Plant in Orlando on Combine Cycle (6 x 2) 2 Peaking Units : 2 Gas/Oil, Converted to natural gas, waiting state approval to operate in 2015, 1-Unit Oil/Gas Combustion Turbine, 3 peaking units, 2-on-1 natural gas combined-cycle (1 unit), 2(2x1 Combine Cycle) with 2 Units maGas/Oil, 4-on-1 combined-cycle consisting of four 170 MW combustion turbines with 470 MW steam turbine-electric generator, 500 MW 2-on-1 combined-cycle generators (2 units), 1100 MW 4-on-1 combined-cycle generator, Natural Gas Fired Combustion Turbine; Natural Gas Steam Turbine, Unit 1 Integrated Coal Gasification Combined-Cycle, Units 2&3 Gas/Oil Combustion Turbine, Units 4&5 Natural Gas, 12 Unit Gas/Oil - repowered to 1 3x1 Gas/Oil unit, Oil-Fired Peaker 1-Unit Combustion Turbine, Unit A&B Combined Cycle, Units 1&2 Coal, 6 MW Solar farm, Combustion turbine, heat recovery steam turbine generator, and steam generation boiler, 1250 MW 3-on-1 natural gas-fired combined cycle turbines (3 units), Coal/petroleum coke (whole plant; 2 units), This page was last edited on 25 October 2020, at 01:49. Florida needs to go solar… that is our future. 53,000 Flagler Voters Cast Ballots Without Incidents. The quake started a fire, spilled some low-level radioactive waste and damaged equipment that was not critical to the reactor. Boiling water reactors, like the ones hit by the Japanese earthquake, are built like nested matroyshka dolls. [In January 2009, Florida’s Progress Energy contracted with Westinghouse Electric Company LLC and The Shaw Group Inc.’s Power Group for the engineering, procurement and construction of two for two 1,105-net megawatt nuclear reactors for a proposed, $17 billion nuclear power plant in Levy County, less than 140 miles west of Palm Coast. The results of the study, which were released last September, confirmed that the plants were built to withstand the heaviest quake likely for their area. Don’t forget the 2 nukes in Georgia, and 2 more on the drawing board. When the Vermont Yankee plant in Vernon, Vermont, shut down in 2014, the town had to cut its budget in half. Please help others by helping us do better. We had to gather everything we could in about 15 minutes and evacuate. Your comments simply lend credence to my comments. The Human Cost of Closing Nuclear Power Plants. Greed is the name of the game that is dooming our society, except the top 1%. But if for some reason the shit does hit the fan there is always Carter,Clinton,Obama,Pelosi and Reid to blame it on, oh and Muslims too.”. Didn't find what you were looking for? 168 Nuclear Power Plant jobs available in Florida on This is not a conservative or liberal issue, it concerns all life on our planet. Anonymous. Not even my engineer friends that work at wind facilities think that option is viable. I was recruited into the Navy Nuclear Power program under Admiral Hyman Rickover, who was in total command of the technology from it’s inception and is considered the Father of Nuclear Power. dlf might I suggest a new screen name for you ? In 2018, the average price of electricity in Florida was 10.32 cents per kWh, ranking 20th-highest in the United States. Every day on the way to school we passed by the double set of towers. March 15, 2011 | FlaglerLive | 27 Comments. you just continue to amaze me with your talent to write words that say nothing, did you go to a government school to learn how to do this?, or is it an inborn trait? I fully expect to wake up tomorrow morning and see on CNN that Godzilla and Mothra are approaching Tokyo. If operators cannot circulate water through the vessel to cool the uranium it could overheat and burn into radioactive slag — a meltdown. The reactor vessel is the primary defense against disaster — as long as the radiation stays inside everything is fine.