The radar might look more appealing on paper, but unless you absolutely need more than 6 different ir's at a time the studio just works so much better, having a lower noise floor and zero clipping issues. 20:07. Press J to jump to the feed. Torpedo CAB does a lot more, to be fair. It sat in the mix exactly where it was supposed to and I didnt have to go back and fiddle with the mic or tweak a knob or two. Amazing. It has a "passable" speaker Sim that definitely works fine but ir's are a massive step up, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the guitarpedals community. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Even without the IR loading, it is a fully programmable Graphic/Parametric EQ with presets, which is great and useful all by itself. What a shame. It just does! The strymon... Looks like a bit of a miss fit Imo. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Whether it'll take a center negative supply I don't know. although it appears it may not be as good. I love my different overdrives and my compressor and delays and reverb pedals. I was already planning to leave that church anyway, so I haven't had the chance to test in the way that I had intended to: which was to use it instead of an amp etc etc. True! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But being stuck to 3 hard locked amp sims really kills the main point of digital amp simulation in my opinion. Impulse Response Loader comparison.We set SM57 in center position with EL34 power tube. pedals this rocks except for digital noise I can't get rid of. You'll know more about this than me in terms of the electronics, for sure, but with my Markbass SS which was 12V and 550mA "minimum", I actually found that it was more sensitive to lower voltage than lower current. Second in my list is the Mooer Radar Cab Sim which has a bunch of IR's. Has some nice tonal varieties but emits a high-pitched whine especially when the amp simulation is on. But the Radar does the bits I need it to do. Reviewed in the United States on … Try adjusting that at various volumes before throwing money at the issue. Looks like a VERY useful option! With a standard size output socket and a little headphone output as well. It works! As a person who detests scrolling through menus (the Zoom MS-60B was great, but I hated navigating through all the options), hooking it up to the PC looks very appealing, as I'd use this primarily for recording/silent practice. I sold the Nux and still have the Mooer. $99.00. Been messing around with this pedal at home with the Ampeg SVT 8x10 cab sim with the bass eq option at the end of my effects chain and using the headphone out. The mooer also had some pretty big problems clipping, meaning I had to turn my le clean way down, and make sure none of my drive pedals would push the radar to clip and crap out. Reviewed in the United States on August 3, 2018. Also, for this comparison I only used aftermarket IR's because thats where both pedals really shine, and with how many awesome free ir's there are on the internet theres no reason to use the stock ones on either as theyre not that good. So versatile for loadbox work! Hey, I drive a 1999 Camry. I’ve used this and an HX Stomp, and I honestly prefer this, for simplicity and because I love pedals. × Straight from the box, I do like the sounds in the Nux a bit better. On the Mooer, I suspect I'd find one model I like enough, tweak it a bit, and pretty much use just that. NUX Solid Studio IR loader and power amp- mic simulator. I wanted this for my silent rig; a stripped-down rig that I can take to a club that has a full PA with many monitors, so I don't have to bring any cabinets. For starters the mooer is so much louder, the studio mini seems to keep the volume the same, but the mooer adds a massive boost. Hi, i'm getting curious of trying these I.R. You don't even need an amp at all. gotta sell some stuff first. Since in the end it will mostly come to finding/creating a couple of presets, one for bass and one for guitar, either is probably fine. Bass cabs are big and heavy. Have asked him what he thinks of it and will update later. × Youll want an amp/cab sim option somepoint soon as a player and this one should be at the top of your list. My overdrive pedals now sound normal just as if they were plugged into an amplifier. Entirely circuit dependent so impossible to generalise regarding power supply requirements. Would buy again for sure.   Your link has been automatically embedded. You can post now and register later. He classes it as basically a budget Helix type system. [Comparison] Mooer Radar vs NUX Studio Mini So, I play ampless 99% of the time, so cab sim is a pretty important thing to me. I'm not a big knob-tweaker :p, This is interesting, Mooer Radar vs Nux Solid Studio comparison. My Dad (guitar player) is currently using and really enjoying the Mooer GE200 - I assume this is just the cab sim section from that. Been thinking about how worth it would be to pick one up and finally use my ventris in stereo but then I'd also need to get a new audio interface with more channels. I just noticed the balanced option if using a TRS cable. If you play guitar live, you will need this. I play at church weekly and in gigs and record with my band and at home. The RADAR is not a preamp or drive pedal of any kind. Fortunately I have some flexibility on my PSU (MXR IsoBrick) in terms of voltage and current output so it should be able to handle this without too much effort (it's the Helix Stomp that I'm going to need to use its own power supply with!!). It's primarily a cab simulator pedal, which should be great for recording (probably live too?). I've isolated to using the pedal solely in different locations and continue getting a high-pitched digital noise. Will try it with a preamp in front of it tonight. It takes pedals so well just like a normal amp and just allows you to not have to bring an amp and simply go direct in a live setting OR into a recording interface too! Reviewed in the United States on August 4, 2020, I have it set up exactly my amp configuration now, so much so, you can't tell a difference! Each impulse response (IR) file captured from its own original source is processed with state-of-the-art audio technology. It really is not much or a problem: I'd be happy with a box with no controls that simply substitutes a speaker/microphone combination. Speaker Cab simulators - Mooer Radar & Nux Solid Studio., Got the Mooer and the Nux now... and I like them both. i want that le clean. Can't decide between Nux Solid Studio/Mini Studio, Mooer Radar, or the Hotone Omni IR. First bass body build, come watch me screw it up! Dramatic but true. *very powerful eq, that unfortunately comes after the cab sim, *Usable power amp sim, I never ended up using it but it wasnt that bad. As has been mentioned by the OP and Bigwan: Only downside is that it runs off 12V rather than 9V. I can never get quite the sound i want with a 57 no matter how much i move the mic or tweak the eq, etc. Got this for project studio work, its basically unusable in that role. Glad to see this thread bumped! After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Distortion pedal is OKKO Dominator.Radar:IR sample length from 11.6ms (512points) to 23.2ms (1024 points). It is designed to be used after any preamp/dirt, and typically after all of your effects. Run it parallel with an amp live. The BS410 (Bassman 410) is pretty cool on bass. Well, I bought the Radar. Emits a high pitched whine, whether on or off, Reviewed in the United States on January 11, 2020. Display as a link instead, × Nice to hear that you think It's a keeper. Read more. engaged, in that case i would rather get the Nux Mini Solid Studio that only has the cabinet simulation and i would use my Joyo American Sound as preamp and maybe a D.I. I use an OmniCabSim live, as for one of the bands I use a lot of different overdrives and DI just does not sound right, too brittle, but it lives in my board. So I am pondering on getting either the Mooer Radar or the HoTone IR Cab cab simulator pedal for going direct. Bypass EQ in radar. I actually wish it were bigger with a larger screen and a couple more buttons. pedals to play direct into P.A., i've seen some videos about the Mooer Radar and read some rewiews, some say that it sounds better without the power amp sim. This can get you 95% of the way there just by turning the knobs. Thanks for the feedback - it's not that I am concerned about space, just mindful that my aging mind may not remember what I put where! Copyright © 1997-2020 Cherub Technology Co.,Ltd. When you connect the Mini Studio thru that input, you can get the characteristic sound of the selected speaker profile from built-in or a loaded IR file. The one we tested is 1024 samples.Sampling rate: 44.1KSampling accuracy: 24bitSignal to noise ratio: 100dBFrequency Range: 20Hz~20KHzPower requirements: 12V DC Only use the power supply providedCurrent Draw: 300mALatency: 2 msSolid Studio:IR sample length: 46ms (2048samples) Sampling rate: 88.2KHzSampling accuracy: 32bitSignal to noise ratio: 100dBFrequency Range: 20Hz~20KHzPower requirements: 9V DCCurrent Draw: 240mALatency: 0.7 ms