Learn more, Orange & Rockland Office in Monroe (Orange), How to Start Orange & Rockland Service in Orange county, Orange & Rockland Office in Spring Valley (Rockland). It started as the Rockland Light & Power Co., founded in 1899 in Nyack, New York, following the merger of several small local energy companies. NewYorkEnergyRates.com is not affiliated with Orange and Rockland. If you want more options than the supply rate you're currently paying, you can shop around for competitive alternatives. By browsing this site you are consenting to their usage. We detail below how to contact Orange & Rockland in Monroe, along with how to start or stop service, choose an alternate ESCO, and understand your bill. If you are moving in to a new home in Rockland county, you will need to call or visit Orange & Rockland at least 48 hours in advance to be sure your natural gas and electricity service is turned on in time. What charges are eligible to be covered by CDG (Community Distributed Generation) credit aka solar credit? Participants may withdraw from the program at any time without incurring fees or penalties. Just Energy is a leading independent energy supplier with over 1.6 million electricity and natural gas customer accounts across the US and Canada. Because of this, your usage period and the solar generation period will not perfectly align. ESCO'S LIABILITY WILL BE NO MORE THAN THE AMOUNT YOU PAID FOR THE PRODUCT THAT IS THE SUBJECT OF A CLAIM. Project Center - Building and Upgrade Services. This means that this part of the bill will remain the same. In order to participate, enroll here. In New York, the two major charges for energy supply from the utility are the Market Supply Charge (MSC) and the Merchant Function Charge (MFC). Get an overview of our service area in New York and New Jersey. Learn the requirements for Distributed Energy Resource Suppliers to access customer data using electronic data interchange. Orange & Rockland is based in Pearl River, New York. Under this plan, business customers will have their electricity priced on an hourly basis. Keep in mind when reviewing your O&R statements that the community solar array may be on a different meter reading cycle than your O&R bills. Rockland Electric customers can easily check out electricity suppliers and shop around for an electricity plan that’s right for them. If you have questions about your budget plan or how to read the rest of your bill, check out: https://www.oru.com/en/accounts-billing/your-bill/how-to-read-your-bill​ or call Orange & Rockland at ​1-877-434-4100​. You can also turn on service in person at your local Orange & Rockland office. When O&R reviews your budget plan, your solar credits will impact your future monthly budget amount.

The company grew by purchasing other companies until it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Con Ed in 1999. iv These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore. Whether you sign up with an ESCO or stick with Orange and Rockland rates for supply, power will reach your home the same way it always has. Save yourself the hassle of shopping alone and call today.

See Territory Information. 3. There's no risk to shopping and you might find an alternative supply plan that is better for you! Even if your CDG credits completely offset your electric charges, you may still owe a balance if you remain on budget billing.

If you haven’t re-registered, please register for your new account to access new features and content. Orange & Rockland is headquartered in Pearl River, NY. Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. This includes: If you choose an alternate Energy Supply Company (ESCO) you can save on your supply charges. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.....3 2.

Your Orange & Rockland bill is divided up by supply, delivery, and state and local taxes.

What if I’m on a budget billing plan with O&R?

The New York Public Service Commission (NYPSC) regulates Orange & Rockland's prices, which means that rates you pay for electricity or natural gas do not change unless NYPSC agrees that new rates are justified.

Business customers have the option to enroll in optional hourly energy pricing. With the help of NewYorkEnergyRates.com, the process is easier. All Orange & Rockland customers are allowed to choose their own alternate Energy Supply Company (ESCO) for their electricity and natural gas supply - and potentially save. CDG credits are applied to your actual electric charges, not to your budget billing amount. Be sure to start your Orange & Rockland service before signing up with an ESCO, because your ESCO will need your O&R account information to take over supply.

Visit the Orange & Rockland website to pay your bill, report a problem and find helpful tips on how to lower your energy bill.

Technical Support, Warranty … It serves natural gas and electricity customers across New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Blooming Grove Operations Center

Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. MHP Program Process Evaluation Table of Contents 1. The company serves over 226,449 electricity customers and over 131,461 natural gas customers in New York state, with more customers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Learn More.

The Market Supply Charge is the price the utility pays for the pure electricity you consume. Orange & Rockland is a utility and is responsible for operating and maintaining the power lines and gas pipes. Major Energy Servs. Orange and Rockland; RG&E; Report a Natural Gas Emergency. You can visit Orange & Rockland customer service representatives in person in Monroe to discuss any issues related to billing, natural gas or electricity service, and more. 2. By browsing this site you are consenting to their usage. Five of the six participating communities chose to to default residents to a 100% renewable energy product. We recommend fixed rate plans across the board, because they offer more stability. If you already re-registered, please login using your email addresss. These plans come with contracts, so you should be aware of common contract conditions before signing up.

Orange and Rockland is a utility company that delivers electricity and natural gas to residents and businesses. Become an EDI-Certified DER Supplier .

Just Energy's business includes the sale of natural gas and electricity to residential and commercial customers through long-term stable rate programs.

By securing the price for energy under such contracts for a period of up to five years, Just Energy's customers reduce or eliminate their exposure to changes in the price of gas and power.

If there is insufficient CDG credit to fully offset these charges, the earned credit will be applied to the delivery and supply charges first, and you will owe the remaining balance to O&R. Learn more. If you have questions about your budget plan or how to read the rest of your bill, check out: or call Orange & Rockland at ​1-877-434-4100​.

Where do I look to see my electric usage? Take advantage of cheaper electricity by participating in the community choice program! Learn the requirements for Distributed Energy Resource Suppliers to access customer data using electronic data interchange. If you are moving out of Orange & Rockland territory, you will need to call customer service or visit in person at least 10 days in advance of your move, to be sure that you are not billed for extra days. Get an overview of our service area in New York and New Jersey. Deliver your electricity supply (sourced from electricity supplier Constellation NewEnergy), Manage billing—you’ll continue to receive your monthly electricity bill from—and remit payment to—O&R. ESCO Electronic Data Interchange . ESCOs take care of supply charges, which is where you can shop around and save on your energy bill. Become an EDI-Certified DER Supplier . Orange & Rockland has offices in the following locations: Customers moving in to Orange & Rockland service territory should be sure to call the company's customer service line at least 48 hours in advance to ensure that service begins in time. Find answers to frequently asked energy supplier questions. However, to avoid paying an early cancellation fee, you will need to contact your ESCO usually around 30 days in advance. INTRODUCTION.....4 3. RAIS provides marketers with billing and account information. Prepared by: RLW Analytics, Inc. 48 4th Street Troy, NY 12180 . When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Some ORU customers in the participating communities must take action in order to take advantage of the program’s negotiated terms.

More than 1 million businesses and residents are purchasing their electricity and natural gas supply from ESCOs. Competition between ESCOs means you have a better chance of finding a supply rate that works for you. 1 Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. ("Orange and Rockland" or "the Company") was directed to ask customers participating in the Company's Customer Assessment Survey ("CAS") whether they have taken commodity service from an energy supply company ("ESCO") and, ifso, whether they were satisfied. In order to cancel your ESCO contract, you will not need to take any extra steps.