Phone: (847) 587-2561. PBIS aims to decrease behavioral infractions showing year-over-year improvement. Fax: (847) 587-2991. PBIS Goals . High School Lesson Plans. Email Us November-- Reinforce PBIS Lesson Plan for Hallway & Restroom December -- Reinforce PBIS Lesson Plan for Play Ground January -- Review ALL Lesson Plans and Power points for communicating rules and expectations in the following areas: Bus, Playground, Hallway, Cafeteria, Restroom and … Reedley High School. Bullying Prevention Classroom PBIS Coaching Data-based Decision Making Disability District/State PBIS Early Childhood PBIS Equity Family High School PBIS Juvenile Justice Mental Health/Social-Emotional Well-Being Opioid Crisis and Substance Misuse Restraint/Seclusion School Climate Transformation Grant (SCTG) School-Wide Reedley High School will provide a positive, safe, healthy, nurturing and respectful environment in which all students have the opportunity to progress academically and to become productive members of society. Click the search symbol within the Matrix for available lesson plans. Lessons Learned on Imeentation o PBIS in Hi Scoos iii Current Trends and Future Directions Contents CHAPTER 1 1 Introduction CHAPTER 2 4 Consider Context and Foundational Systems When Implementing PBIS in High Schools K. Brigid Flannery & Mimi McGrath Kato CHAPTER 3 16 Effective District Supports for High School Implementation of PBIS Steve Goodman Other high school models implement an individualized PBIS framework over a three to five year time period. In years two and three, the focus shifts to the teaching of expectations and more targeted interventions for students who struggle with the school wide expectations. High school PBIS leadership teams have to find ways to get students more involved in their process. Years one and two focus on establishing school wide expectations, routines and procedures. Contact Us. MAP Testing Behavior - Lesson Plans This is a monograph with examples of how high schools overcame contextual barriers to successfully implement PBIS.